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  1. The above pics were taken from that info thread. So I hope that helps. I don't remember off hand what the cross bar is. I'll have to check when I get home later
  2. Hmm, link just worked for me. The thread is in the Magazine scans part of the forums, on page 3. The pic you used above are Profile cruiser bars. IMO, and I could be wrong, but your bars look too boxier to be Profile bars. The bends around the stem area seem longer on yours, making them look more boxier.
  3. Check my Profile Information thread. You can compair your bars to mine, and others in that thread.
  4. Thanks guys That spider was originally black, but somebody sanded the black off the back. So the previous owner went and had it re anno'd Thanks SB. It was nice to step out of the box on this one. I only called it Low end since its not sporting "all" Profile components like the previous builds did, even though now looking at, its really not all that low end
  5. Decided to do something different with yes.,..,,another Profile build. Been thinking of doing this for a few years, but had a really hard time getting somebody to make me chrome & black decals. Nobody could, or would do it. Then out of the blue one day, and envelope shows up in the mail. Open it up, and wa la, chrome and black decals. Sender only put their initials on the return/sender PO Box address, so who ever you are, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!! Didn't want to get all high dollar on this build like the last few Ive done, so enjoy one of my lower end builds. 198X Profile Champ Frame OG Chrome 198X Profile Straight Blade Forks (no, they are NOT Robinson forks) OG Chrome Square Corner Tuff Neck Bear Trap II Headset SST Dirt Skirt Powerlite Pro Bars OG Chrome Ame Grips Haro Tech Plate Haro #911 numbers UKAI Satin Rims Suzue LB Hubs Tioga Comp III green/gray 20X2.125 front Cycle Pro Snakebelly 20X1.75 rear MX1000 rear brake Tech 3 lever 82 dated cable SR Seatclamp Hutch Layed Back Seatpost Cycle Pro Shot Gun II Seat Takagi 180 1 Piece Cranks OG Chrome Tioga Sealed BB 1 Piece Profile 130bcd Spider Profile 1/2 Horseshoe Pedals Takagi 43T Chainring Tuff Neck Chainring Bolts D.I.D Chain Suntour Chromo 16T Freewheel
  6. Found this on their site, and yes its old school bmx related. History of Oakley History of Oakley from Defgrip on Vimeo.