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  1. I can't help wondering who would keep half way processed parts for like 40 years
  2. You might consider this option then Steve https://www.dior.com/fr_fr/products/couture-V0295HOMMT_D004_TU-porte-cles-en-metal-bmx-dior-x-bogarde (please click on the link to check the price )
  3. Really nice build. As above, some close-up shots would compliment the details quality of such a frameset, I love the dropouts, I always thought they've been way ahead of their time
  4. Nice one. Could this deserve some kind of "classic build" label?
  5. A few pics saved a long time ago, Lou's bike from VBMX, the 24" with the bars Hard to make it from this scan if it's stamped BMX or GHP but it looks like the same seat on the chrome bike (September 85 ad)
  6. Gorgeous build, everything is spot on, great attention to details
  7. unknown yellow frame is a Peugeot, with lion head shaped hole in the gusset
  8. I like your bikes and photography skills, thanks for sharing.
  9. haha, nice one. Ikonix makes them in red I think
  10. Quite a lot of thinking into all this but very well explained..
  11. Two nice ones, that TNT is totally lush! Is it a midschool to shoot your bikes in front of garbage bins or..?
  12. Come on, brand new stuff is worth more than old and used junk!