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  1. the matching seat to those pads would set that bike off!!! sweet ride!
  2. look at the shine off the drop outs! nice!
  3. looks like he filled a scool to post those pics! your the man! lol
  4. my mongoose fs1 it was stolen but that christmas i had gotten my gt pft team
  5. layers are the easiest! they will be on the lower right side. click it and everytime you need to go back just click the section on the lower right side that you need to adjust. understand?
  6. im no joke with it ask me things you might be curious about no kidding
  7. i have those hubs and guys beware the axel is pretty thick it may not fit. they didnt fit my haro sport
  8. What show is that?? whats it about?? ive never heard of it.
  9. TA is the shit! im dying to build one myself!
  10. Dude youll go to hell if you touch that! leave her be!!!