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  1. Red with gold looks super slick! Nice build Brian!!
  2. This guy has been making: VDC freestyle framesets along with those "Bones" looking cranks GJS Race and Freestyle framesets CW and TRP posts After the PM I got from him on Facebook, seems like this guy will make anything.....fuckin anything!
  3. Message sent! I think i found your other gold cage!!!!
  4. Before being able to see inside the BB, I knew a 79 would never have these decals, so I at least knew it was restickered when I bought it and his story of cutting the decals backed that up. I was hoping it was OG finish and just "newer" decals.
  5. Got the cranks out, stem and post are soaking. This is a weird one. I want to say early repaint The primer in the BB is super flaky, no signs of any color in there whatsoever. Let me know what you all think. This was a 2 owner bike and nothing was said about it being redone, just that he remembered cut the decals like that and then he got bigger and moved into a freestyle bike (which in also picked up, 85 GT Performer) Its definitely been restickered for sure. No cracks in the usual areas, paint shines very nice. I also did find some sort of # stamped on the BB, too short to be a SS or a phone number. It's still dope!
  6. I had a buddy send me a link to this, made the call and snagged it up this morning. 4hr round trip was definitely worth it! 1979 frame (no serial number) Unstamped Landing Gear fork Possibly a early repaint....1979 wouldn't have LG forks or these decals but I'm happy to have snagged it before the usual Facebook/Craiglists whores grabbed it up! Bunch of 90s crap parts! Shit is still out there! Just gotta look for it!
  7. Now to use this tool to help educate other tools! Haha! Thanks for putting this all together, wish I still had that list of all of them.
  8. I'm a spoke lover too but those graphites just look right!! Just like changing the wheels on your car, quick switch when you get bored or want to change the attitude of the bike. Lovin it!!
  9. I sold ya that front tire, looks right at home on there! Glad to see the bike coming along, looks kick ass! I also think you should contact Haney direct, jhaney1@aol.com is his email....he is one of the handful still using AOL! Haha!
  10. Just picked these up today! This is Todd Andersons original SE Racing uniform from the Winter 84/5 Freestylin cover!