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  1. I need some help..... Usual serail number on an 86 redline is R86XXXX (i think). it is usually located at the bottom of the frame. What are your opinions if there is no number on the bottom of fram and the serial number is only 3 number (say 135) and it is on the non driver side drop out. What do you think happened. What does it all mean. Any help.....thoughts??? Thanks
  2. Let me know what the going price is for a 1985 RL-20II frame and fork going for??? This prticulair one I am looking at is already powder coated but it is the wrong color. It also has the wrong stickers on it? I spoke with Stephen (RL-20ii) and he gave me his advice........just want to see if there is a consensus. No disrespect Stephen!!! Thanks
  3. Thanks.......Now as far as colors in 85.....Is California Red a correct color? If so where could I find the paint code to have someone match / find the paint? Thanks
  4. Thanks all....buit I am confused.....when you all say that it was not available as a complete bike.....do you mean that when bike stores sold it in 85....they basically assembled it as the saw fit with any part they wanted? Please elaborate. Thanks
  5. Okay all....I am trying to resurect my 1985 RL-20II bike. I have the frame and forks only. So I need a lot of stuff still. But I would like to restore her as original as possible. Does anyone have a list of parts that need to be on this bike? Are there any specs out there? Thanks in advance.
  6. can anyone tell me what was the last year that the redline RL-20 Prostyler was made? Was it just one year only in 1984? Or did they also make them in 1985? Thanks
  7. Can any one help. I need to know what serial numbers would be on the bike if it was a 84 RL 20 prostyler or an 85 RL 20ii. Is there a data base that can tell which serial numbers belonged to what bike? Thanks