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  1. what year did they come out?....I knew it all along....they are gay.
  2. I'd love to see that when it's complete. Sold mine as seen years ago, I miss that bike.
  3. read all five pages and thought I'd see my pet peeves...maybe it's just me. -A race bike must have pads and number plate...period. -Improper brake levers, pre-bent on straight bars, Haro levers on bars clearly not intended to use them, in general; bad lever placement. -Grips must be same color as seat. Makes it "work" for me. Try it. -Seat clamps not flush with top of seat tube. -In general poor era selection, tires really get me. Blue/green comp III's on early bikes...come on... Merry Christmas!
  4. Hey Tony, I got a set-up on my Sting, hope the photos help. The cable stop isn't vintage, just something from the spare parts bin my LBS had.
  5. fake, it was made in California though....
  6. Torker did not date code the serial numbers. The only way to guess the age of a Torker is the frames features, lets see it. 18.5 is pretty standard for 1980
  7. Aside from a Huffy Thunder Road, Bandit or whatever it was called, the first real BMX I saw was a complete Ashtabula kit, shrink wrapped on the wall at the local Schwinn shop. I recall thinking it looked home made, as in why would all the tubes be straight, they must be amateurs.