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  1. Let me get this straight. If you are "not" a supporting member,you are unable to post in the "for sale" section? I did not know that. I supported the site because the vast information and knowledge everyone has given me has been beyond expectations. Now it all makes sense. Post that you "scored" some nice items,mention that it all might be for sale and wait for the flood of PMs. Selling on OS-BMX ...and all without supporting the site. BTW,Im not saying that Mobass is doing this on purpose. It has nothing to do with his find. Im just realizing on how this could happen if someone wanted to do just that.
  2. Thanks Cruiser for the Info. Apparently, these bars are worth some serious $$. I was just offered a few bills for these bars and was asked not to mention a word :whistle: are these bars that scarce?
  3. Thank you very much. I was told by the seller that he built the Ripper in 83 using all off the shelf parts and didnt replace anything to this day. Problem with his story was the fact that it came with 85 one year only LG forks. He swears that he built it in 83 and never replaced the forks
  4. Thanks They have a very flat oval crossbar and are 28in wide with an 8in raised center. There is no knurl on the stem area.
  5. Thanks Jimmy. I just wanted to know if its an early 80s or late 80s? They are going on a loop PK and wanted to be era correct. anyone else?
  6. What year are these JMC bars ? They had the "RED" JMCRacing decal on the cross bar. First gen?
  7. Holy Sh!t!!!!!!!!!11111one one one.. I would frame that bike and display it over my mantle under some sick display spot lights.
  8. My ex-wife took my sons to a LB skate park last week to rip some rails on their boards. He says this park looks nothing like the one he went to. There were homeless roaming everywhere. Is there another park you guys know of besides this one??
  9. I vote we change your user name to "sodbusted" for now. That's until you get better of course
  10. mini Ripper and SoCal flyer are definately on my "want list". All the SoCal flyer needs is some Gumwalls to match the seat and grips
  11. Wish I could have made the Beach Run. Didn't realize we had a big "Make a Wish" foundation 16th B DAY Bash for my Nephew who has Leukemia How cool is this? Hand made white chocolate Leukemia ribbons. Have fun guys....Next one ,Carne Asada is on me
  12. The ones pictured above with no gussets are "mini's",the other PK is a regular PK with mini wheels. I believe the non looptails had gussets. That would make them post 85 frames
  13. Nice...not too far from its origin.
  14. OMG,that is sweet!! BTW,I know I will probably get SHIT for saying this....but I cant stand SE Baby Blue. TOOOOOOO many of 1 color is never good
  15. I am actually building a few other regular 20in frames with 1 3/8. A looptail pk and a reynolds Quad. If I dont finish the Quad soon,I might just transfer over everything from the quad to the mini. Andy,I got the decals on the Bay a few days ago. BTW,I think I have what is a mini square corner DK stem....too funny...
  16. Heres my sick little mini "RIPPER" It was going to be for my son but he doesnt want to let go of his All nos built PK.Might list it on ebay or totaly redo the bike with ARAYAs,comp3s,OAKLEYs,se mini bars and LG lite forks The bike has the following components: DK stem DK seatpost clamp UNI seat JMC handlebars AME grips ULTRA Dyno three-piece cranks Suzie large flange hubs 85 verticle one year only LG forks UKAI 1 3/8 rims Tioga Comp III tires (new). soon replaced with skin/gum walls(I hate blackwalls) NOS decals are on their way
  17. Only a few minutes from my house and I get a FLAT....FREAK!!!! Ill get going as soon as AAA gets here.
  18. Maybe he meant tits.....after all,who does'nt love tits?
  19. OUCH!!!! Those tires are what Shadessean would have on his bikes....its an aquired taste I guess :whistle:
  20. I just called 4 local SE dealers and none had any plans to carry the bike in stock. Its basically on a "per order" basis. Does anyone have a price for this bike?
  21. Yeah,thats what I thought. Some late 82 quads were chro-mo . Rear tubing was a little thinner like on my late 82 Quad , 83 and later were reynolds tubing.
  22. Look at his feedback How many of these does Heath have?.....plenty of them. His feedback alone screams Heath.