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  1. WOW!!!...The frame and forks came out nice. The mags on the other hand came out GREAT!!!
  2. You were'nt suppose to see that...its a secret project....and thanks Alakran
  3. Easy directions from the 60 fwy Off the 60 fwy exit South at S Hacienda Blvd Turn right at Colima Rd 2.3 mi. Turn left at Mar Vista St 0.1 mi Turn right at Villaverde Dr 0.5 mi Turn left at Youngwood Dr 0.8 mi Turn left at Seranata Dr 364 ft BTW,is it possible to have a small swap and sell area?...Some members and I were discussing this earlier at Huntington Beach.
  4. Beach cruise #...emmm...ahh,who cares , went as planned. Tons of Sun,Girls and a free concert by the Legendary Rock-a-billy band... The Stray Cats Short Video http://s141.photobucket.com/albums/r46/AGG...ideJuly8009.flv BTW,our very own MrAuburn picked up on what looked like a modern day MILF... You know,a Mother with a smoking Body. Turns out she was a GILF....Grandmother I'de Like to F@%k. Anthony thinks otherwise...but Im pretty sure she was in her mid to late 50s.
  5. Roger is a great guy to bullshit with. He lives a few block from my Lil Brothers house here in So Cal I called him a few weeks ago and literally spoke for hours about absolutely nothing. Texas ,Texas weather, real estate, weather in general and even landscaping...
  6. Cruiser...on aYahoo search.it gave me these dirctions to Bahia hotel. Directions: Take Interstate 5 to Grand Avenue. Follow it west to Mission Boulevard. Take Mission Boulevard south the roller coaster at West Mission Bay Drive. 5 south to Grand west. Left on Mission Blvd to the Hotel??? Joe. I believe this is the addy. Cruiser ,correct me if Im wrong please Bahia Hotel Resort 998 W Mission Bay Dr San Diego, CA 92109
  7. Thats a BEAUTIFUL Bike....Love the colors. Would R/W/B Bullseye hubs have been overkill with the color scheme?
  8. Nice Builds....The black bike looks SICK with its gold forks and hubs
  9. Here's the Vid..equally as impressive
  10. Thats just crazy. Reminds me of this chubby kid over at BMXmuseum who made a vid of himself riding a few minute Wheelie through his town streets and even hit quite a few corners.
  11. What we need is OCdave's newly aquired motorhome to be there. Maybe this time he'll have the fridge,propane tank and Toilet ready..
  12. Its a rare Mongoose Pro Class Cruiser. Ant could tell you more about this Bike... http://www.os-bmx.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=25630
  13. Here is the Vid clip guys. I just wish I had more memory more footage of the Vocals... http://s141.photobucket.com/albums/r46/AGG...eJuly1st017.flv
  14. MrAuburn (Ant) and myself decided to take advantage of SoCals beaches and took a cruise through a few of SoCals finest beaches and do some Good ol Fashion Bird WATCHING!!! Enjoy the pics.... Some of our service men enjoying some time off and entertaining the beach going crowd with their band "The Destroyers". Let me tell you something,These guys were so KICK ASS.. they came back foir a closing ENCORE!!! If someone can Host a small 30 sec vid,you guys can Judge for yourselfs....
  15. NICE!!! How about BIGGER pics?
  16. or.....you can sell it to me . These are the only Plates that look good on CW pro bars...IMO
  17. alot of old school bikes sport the newer dbl pinch flights. Its just a matter of taste and your thoughts on using non era correct parts. I was asking the same question regarding KING headsets. I got the same response I just gave you.
  18. Who's this Rick dude people keep mentioning? A First place finish with Rick's bike shop Newbie rider in Junior Expert? and another First place win in Expert? WOW!!!! I need to get me one of these "Rick's Bike Shop Machine" bikes
  19. I dont think Cruiser is able to...email me if you cant find anybody else TWOBBBOYZ@AOL
  20. I dont have a Hack...But I know someone who does.. D NICE.....lets hit the dirt with that new Hack you just built...Gotta break it in sooner or later.
  21. Thats right ...They come in Kids sizes. Just imagine you and your kid showing up at the next Gtahering wearing matching Ts...SICK!!!!!!!!!! Rick is quite possible the greatest man alive. He sent my sons a few shirts individualy packaged to each of my 2 sons. THANX I REALLY ENJOYED THE SHIRT AND PHOTOS.I ALSO ENJOYED THE AUTOGRAPH TOO. THANX APPREICIATE IT!! =) -LIL HECTOR- (12) THANK RICK I LIKE THE SHIRT U GAVE MY BRO AND I => -LIL CHRIS=) (10)