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  1. Im speechlesh.... :24: Those are some sick Bikes
  2. If it wasnt for the beach Patrol shutting down the Beach ,MrAuburn (Ant) and I would have stayed shooting the breeze till sunrise. Good Times Good Times!!!! BTW,thanks to MrAuburn for the soft drinks,JoeBlizzard for the "All You Can Drink" ice cold Beer and OCdave for the Carne Asada tacos and Mrs OCdave's for her home made CHILE!!
  3. We were just talking about the Long Beach swap meet last night at the Beach cruise....How its a waste of time and no deals could be found anymore This is the first LB swap meet I have missed this year and look what decides to pop up....
  4. I had the privelage of taking the dual sprocket Profile for a spin Saturday....Bike runs freaking SMOOOTH!!!
  5. Hmmm ...... give me a few minutes to examine this pic...Ill get back to you
  6. CruiserKing being....well,the Cruiser KING!!!! Check out the distance after a mad HOP!!
  7. Take a look here for todays ride!! http://www.os-bmx.com/forums/index.php?sho...c=25762&hl=
  8. Just got home from the Beach ride...yes,a few of us stayed till 9:40pm Heres a teaser pic. Im sure there will be a few more from others who were there..
  9. Bike came in early....Hell yeah!!!! Now to put it together,shower and fly down to the PLAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMK where you guys are at in a few hours 909-208-6050 Hector Aguilar
  10. What steps are needed in order to re-anodise my stem ? Dont you have to remove the quill from the stem? How do I remove them from each other? Sorry for the Hijack
  11. Thanks Ant Ill call when my Bikes gets here...
  12. Where is everyone going to meet after the ride? I have my PK loaded up and ready to go. Problem is that I just got my FED EX tracking # and it says my other PK is expected to be delivered Saturday.... 045738228395754 If it gets here early enough,Ill join mid cruise,if it gets here late,Ill show up with a case of CORONA and 20 Micky D's Dbl cheeseburgers to the after meet.
  13. Hmmm....I have a nice HUFFY Flatlander that I always wanted to see made into a Pit.
  14. Off Topic....I just got my Gonzos "Gathering at the Park" Elysian shirt and it too kicks ASS. Brown with light blue lettering. I wore it today to my Nephews Graduation . BTW, it runs a little small though. Its the smallest XL I own.
  15. Someone said it belongs to C4 Labs and that the wheels were custom milled on a CNC....thats some serious $$$$$$$$
  16. Cool!!!...BTW, I have a Looptail PK comming this week with NOS silver Tourneys. Ill have something to compare the MAXYs to.
  17. Thanks for all the help Andy. I just paid for some Sugino Maxy Cross is red. I also paid for the EMS 3-4 day delivery. I doubt it will get here that quick but its worth a try. The Tourneys were $10 cheaper but I like the all red spider/chainring combo and the fact that you said they were beefier. Thanks again
  18. Freaking insane...you guys are chopping up ass bikes ?? How much does it take to chop a F/F? Assuming one already has the F/F.
  19. Thanks Andy for the detailed description. I have decided to go with the 2 that are readily available,the Maxy cross or Tourneys? I like the all red spider/chainring on the Maxy's and the smooth crank arms on the Tourneys. BTW,They are going on an all red and white 85 SE Quad.
  20. Can someone explain this to me...is it the color that makes it rare?? $238 http://cgi.ebay.com/TAKAGI-TOURNEY-BLUE-CR...1QQcmdZViewItem $82 http://cgi.ebay.com/TAKAGI-TOURNEY-BLUE-CR...1QQcmdZViewItem $42 http://cgi.ebay.com/TAKAGI-TOURNEY-RED-CRA...1QQcmdZViewItem
  21. Thanks guys Ill give one of the 2 mentioned above in RED. Whats a better crank? Super Maxy or the Tourneys?
  22. I have a quick and simple question. I bought a few PK and Quadangle frames and am now starting to build them up using some nice High End parts like KKT's,Kashimax,MX 1000s and ARAYA Hoops. My problem is finding a few sets of Flight cranks in mint condition. What I would like to know is what my options are as far as high end Old School 3pc cranks are concerned? I have NOS GTs,mint Profiles and BOSS cranks but I would like to refrain from using them. What are my options for early 80s SE bikes? Ive seen quite a few bikes with Sugino MAXY CROSS and Takagi Tourney cranks . Are these Old School 80s cranks? Thanks in advance http://cgi.ebay.com/NOS-TOURNEY-CRANKS-TAK...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/SUGINO-SUPER-MAXY-CROS...1QQcmdZViewItem
  23. Blah Blah Blah Blah...till you hit the water.....I love it Only In SoCal .