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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/Kool-Caps-For-Graphite...1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. Thanks for the compliments guys... I have received countless emails asking for copies of this vid. If anyone here wants a copy ,please dont hesitate to ask. I have mail out a few already.
  3. What...you dont like it??? Its getting a complete teardown. Cranks,sprocket,stem,wheels,brakes and bars will be replaced. I already ditched the black forks in favor of some chrome forks
  4. You are scarring me on this crank removal. I just got your 86 PK in and am about to remove the cranks too BTW,thanks for the killer deal
  5. Im assuming SE introduced the pit bull mount on the quad in early 90s like on the ripper. My 85 came in...this thing is MINT!!!! Fresh decals and C4 powdercoating Np pit bull mount and no lower down tube brace either do they have repop Decals for the f/f in various colors?
  6. So what years came with no pit bull brake mount behind the BB or down tube brace? Im assuming late 85 through 89 maybe?
  7. Ya, late 85 on this style frame, but what I've seen was that 85-90 (approx) didn't use the downtube brace and then it resurfaced right before the canti mounts which is what made me think early 90's on this frame since it has the brace but is still a caliper brake w/ 1" threaded forks model. Let me see if I got it right. Mid 85 was the last year of the Reynolds design where the rear stays meet at the seat post mass. Mid 85 through the early 90's was the return of the rear stays meeting at the upper tube right past the seat tube (ala loop tail style). So what is the difference between an 80's frame and a 90's? Is it that an 80's frame doesn't have the dual down tube cross brace and lower pit bull mount behind the BB? If so, what is the cut off between the 2 styles?
  8. I wanted to go so bad...but being a newbie to this board and BMX in general I felt awkward not knowing anybody. If I could bring my 2 boys with me (single dad here)...you can count me in on anything you guys decide to throw. Just let me know as to what I can bring. XBOX 360 (for the kids) + a case of Coronas???????
  9. I had the same problem on a goose frame. I used a pipe wrench and twisted back and forth while pulling upwards..Took some time but it finally came out
  10. How sick is that??.. .Finally,a reason to watch the Olympics. I'm still holding out until they bring Pocket Pool to the Olympics...I've been training all my life
  11. 28 tpi...gotcha!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!
  12. Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!...I live like 4 min away from the park. One question though. Its barely past noon,what are you guys doing home already?? SoCal sunshine doesnt quit till 7:45 pm.
  13. Holy CRAP!!!! No video in the world is worth watching with that background music...That wasnt even a hit in the 80s. I shut it down in 30 seconds Great first 30 sec though
  14. Yup....havent heard that term in ages. It seems like we had alot of those stores here in so-cal. We all sported one thing or another from Pancho's giveaway.
  15. Thanx Tommy,Problem is that I need them for single pinch flights.
  16. WOW...Nobody has any info?? I thought this was an EZ one to the educated BMX members here?? Thanks anyways.Ill ask elsewhere.
  17. What do you mean? Do you think its an earlier or later frame? The serial # is 03 05 3354. Its either a march 85 or a may 03?
  18. What Bottom Bracket am I able to use on a set of Flight cranks? Im looking for a sealed set in red and have only found the ones on EBAY. I believe they are Profile Also,I bought a tioga BearTrap headset and was wanting to anodize red. What I need now is an aluminum headset and BB...Who makes these and where can I get them? Thanks in advance. http://cgi.ebay.com/Profile-BMX-crank-HOP-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  19. The white quad above is not mine. I was going to buy it for $750 but realized it was a 90s frame with 90s flights. Its on ebay right now for whoever wants it This is what I ended up getting, a sweet looking 85
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong. Its a mid school Quad. It has welded on pinch bolt mounts and the frame has the lower pit bull brake mount behind the BB.
  21. Ive seen the rundown on PK Ripper frames but is there a link to quadangle ID'ing? Can someone please explain briefly on how to identify 80s frames from the 90s? I know Loop PKs are pre 84,85 one year only and 86-89 had curved chain stays and no brake cable guides. What about QUADs? Thanks in advance
  22. I would love a black short sleeve in XL...any pics of the shirts??