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  1. You forgot one more...Thanks to aggy for providing the above picture.... JK Bud Heres the 2nd pic I took of your bike ... cant believe you didnt get any pics of your own bike.
  2. I had the honors of actually snapping this here pic...in return for my duties,My son got this Kick Ass decal for his Number plate......... That's right...Still Kickin Ass!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Why does it "KILL IT"? Is it because it doesn't fit your taste? Please leave derogatory statements out of this thread this is for good times To you and I, "Kills it " means ruined it. I believe he meant "Kills it" as in stole the show. At least I hope he did... Cause if he didn't ,that would be FUGGGED UP!!!!!
  4. Heres a Pic I took of pizants bike
  5. Took my 2 sons and had a blast. Met some cool people and saw some sick bikes. My only complaint?....not enough SE.s. A few quads and only 2 PKs My son managed to pop both tubes on his Royce Union scooter ,Crack one Skyway on his GT and sprain his ankle going down the hill at speeds only a 12 yr old could endure. All in all,it was a great show. If only it could be a monthly event.
  6. You want some Porn you say...how about a chopped AUBURN Pit Bike???
  7. Ill be there with my 2 sons. Single dad with 2 boys who love BMX...Cant get any better then that :32: BTW,I need a Ripper complete or F/F,Blue KKTs,Kashimax seat and MX1000s. My son will be cruising his Blk and Yellow GT...Please hit me up if you have any of these Thanks If you see this Bike...please say hello
  8. Are we having any special Guest? Booths? Vendors?Whats the line up for the day??
  9. Nice Hack....going to build it up??
  10. Thats :16: ...Looks better than most Old school quads you see today...
  11. WOW!!!.. interesting color combo. Very nice!!! Does anyone know what decal set came on 85's? Did it depend on what color the frame was? Thanks in advance
  12. New member here. Ill be there for sure ready willing and able to buy someones Loop PK Ripper...
  13. After a 20 yr hiatus from BMX,I returned a few months ago with a need to build a few Old School bikes. In these few short months since my return,I was able to score on a few nice bikes. Fast forward a few months and roughly 12 GT's later,I find myself wanting more then just your typical GT Basher. To make a long story short...What I wanted was a Loop and instead settled on an even rarer one year only straight chain stay F/F PK At first,I was bummed out that the frame was Professionally painted instead of Powdered...Looking at it now,I couldn't be happier LMK what you think??????????? BTW,can someone give me a parts list of what might go on this 85? I already have an NOS Tioga Bear trap headset and have my eyes set on a some 401 Flights,Bullseye hubs and UKAI or ARAYA hoops..... What tires,bars,seat etc etc etc ?? Thanks in advance Aggy
  14. Thanks Flight cranks on a GT would be overkill. Is the PK overkill for the cranks? or are the Cranks overkill for the PK? Thanks again BTW, Anybody have a set of flights for sale or partial trade??
  15. I have this Bike with what I believe are BOSS cranks (Boss sticker). I have asked around and cant seem to find any info on them. Can someone here help identify these cranks and possibly post some info on these? year? value? I'm thinking of using them on my 85 PK but only if they are era correct. Thanks in Advance
  16. New member here and just now rekindling my childhood youth . I'm hoping there will be a few bikes for sale as I'm looking for a few . Can I make a request here? Ill be there looking for a PK or Quad ..Complete bike or F/F. Shadessean ,you look familiar. I believe I saw you at the Long Beach Cycle swap meet a few weeks ago. I bought the DB Loop frame from your buddy who was selling the GT shirts. Hope to see you there .