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  1. Damn nice. Love that wheel/brake set up.
  2. Very nice Will. Cant go wrong with chrome and black
  3. Luck SOB. Congrats on the pick up
  4. Great attitude Ange, I like your style. For the rest of you who refuse to quit, don't think your shit doesn't go unnoticed.
  5. The old Hack vs Tandem race. Seen it a million times... Dennis, don't ever think your contribution to this hobby is unnoticed. I know for a fact I speak for everyone here when I say I look forward to your next video
  6. Cant wait to see this one done. Love the color combo
  7. Nice. Its an 83-mid 85. Late 85 saw a rear seat stay design Serial # is the month, year and production #. For example, it should read something like 04 83 1970 (April, 1983 #1970)
  8. Us not knowing who the hubs belong to is more of a reason not to take it personal Matt. Comments were assumed and supposed. They weren't directed at you personally. I'm sure if members knew your ebay name, some wouldn't doubt for a second that any of your auctions are real. If anything, I would be like "Jokes on you Bitches , my hubs sold for big bucks"
  9. I had 6 of these (nos) fluted seat post in purple sometime last year that I couldn't sell for $20 a piece. I eventually gave them away in a $50 parts lot sale through craigslist. Must have been the fruity color
  10. they actually did make a mono shock . but i am not sure if it was ever produced . Your detective skills are off the hook Donnie. Thanks for the pic
  11. Ron is one of those members that when you see his name on a post, it's sure to be informative, educational or entertaining. He keeps his hand on the pulse of the community better than anyone I know. Definitely an asset to BMXsociety and the sport of BMX. Cheers
  12. I read that yesterday and couldn't help but wonder what that guy was really wanting all these years.
  13. Yeah, I call BS too. Funny how once something sells for big bucks, the rest come out of the woodwork. A 2nd set is up on ebay already
  14. Rad pic. Jumping with flip flops? That's how they roll in Hawaii
  15. blk Schwinn box bars and 1 pc cranks would set off this bike.