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  1. CVS and Walgreen's offers online photo printing. Save images to your computer then order online and pick up in-store
  2. not on my computer right now but here is a simple map of the parking area I made with paint. Track is in Blue while parking is in Red You can park on one side of the park and walk across in a minute.
  3. No offense but you usually dont comment on anything. 3 years and only 32 posts I know, but go easy on me. just clownin around . Good to see you posting
  4. What did you have to do to search that Aggy or was it saved? Saved.... me and my dog Sasha when I was 7
  5. No offense but you usually dont comment on anything. 3 years and only 32 posts
  6. Especially when you know they are a match and original to each other.
  7. Jaf, a troxel seat would be an ideal set up for your Floval. Many don't know this but the early Troxel seat with built in seat post and the elusive SE seat post are one in the same. Why spend $100+ on a, more than likely, repop seat post when you can have the real thing for a fraction of the cost? 2 birds with one stone.
  8. Now that I know who the guy is, he is obviously an idiot shooting his mouth off.
  9. William has a set on his Gurney. They are ARAYA moped rims btw, slideshow is set to private and requires a password
  10. Did you sleep next to it last night? or at least set it next to the bedroom night stand? I know I would have
  11. The bike was purchased off of Cash Matthews...not CraigsList. Yeah, Cash picked it up from Craigslist Thursday morning then posted the score on Facebook. I called the CL Ad but it was sold. A few hrs later, it was up for sale on Facebook.
  12. That is such a cool bike. Do you think its original finish? First time seeing this color. I spoke with Cash Matthews yesterday with hopes of working out a deal on this bike. Unfortunately, after posting his thursday morning score on facebook, he got a ton of members telling him it was worth almost double of what that bike was really worth. After seeing these pictures, I wish we could have worked something out. It was truly a pleasure speaking with Cash.
  13. I think you mean Royce Union.....and sweet mono. It does look wel made