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  1. If that was crap then you guys officially had the coolest BMX spot at the swap by far
  2. Just an FYI, this isn't a bicycle swap meet.It's not what everybody thinks. If anything, its 90% motorcycle, 5% misc 3% Schwinn and 2% BMX...maybe even less. If it wasn't for Kristeven and Dans spot, this place would be void of anything BMX. You occasionally find a biker who brings along something BMX related to sell with the rest of his stuff but it's the same with any swap meet/ flee market you attend. http://www.socalcycleswapmeet.com/about
  3. My old LRV (Now Jasons) My new Matthews (Thanks Dan)
  4. from my understanding, Matthews were sticktail (reversed drop outs) and LRV were looptails. Nope! the change in the drop out only means it's pre 1976. When when that exact change was made I don't know. I do know that the looptail Monoshocks were sold as Matthews and LRV. And a few other brands as well. Like Takara for example. OK, Cool. That's good info Sod. I dont know about the other models but I was only referring to the mono shocks. Every Ad scan I have has the LRV as looptails and Matthews as stick tails. I haven't seen an Ad with a looptail Matthews.
  5. from my understanding, Matthews were sticktail (reversed drop outs) and LRV were looptails.
  6. Always a pleasure hangint with the boys Thanks to Dan for the Barnacle infested wall Art Matthews mono and Rick Gaytan for the Schwinn Tornado fork. I had to get a Tetanus shot after handling this gem
  7. Unless you are a vendor, gates dont open till 7 am...which is in 1 min. It's 6:59 now.
  8. Another stellar build. Bellflower's 70's class is going to be off the chain this year. cant wait to see them all Will
  9. I have to be in Long Beach in the am for some Family thing but I will definitely stop by for a minute. edit: Nice, I have a few hrs free (7-9am)
  10. btw, I don't think I have OCD but for some odd reason, the cluttered pictures above really bother me .....
  11. speaking of xcaliber (Jay_Stark)
  12. Very nice save. I just wish more builders took that route
  13. saw these forks today at the Bicycle Source swap....They are extremely cleeeeeeeeean. I offered Robert some big $$ and he said No Thanks.
  14. same here. I tried changing plans but its a no go. I will stop by for a few on my way to Long Beach though around noon.
  15. If you do and it's in Hawaii, you have this to deal with.....
  16. one of the hardest forks to find. I've been looking for a donor fork for the better part of 4 years with no luck.
  17. Free Craig Grasso my ass. Lock his ass up and throw away the key http://espn.go.com/a...-police-vermont Feb 17, 2012
  18. Brian is the man. Same advice he gave me when I was looking for a Matthews fork.
  19. you are right , I didn't click on the image. You can clearly see the JMC cut drop out when you enlarge the image.
  20. Looks like my JMC fork but with a home made cut on a solid drop out fork
  21. I'm with Dennis. If you are leaving it as is and not going to clean it up, keep the decals off. If you decide to clean it up, which wouldn't be wrong either, use the decals.