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  1. TTT for some great reading and informative schooling.
  2. That's good to know. Thanks B 77 Foiler serial # 0077
  3. Cant wait to see it this June or at the Bicycle Source swap this weekend maybe..Grey?
  4. Damn Son. I don't think I have ever seen an ugly G Boy.
  5. ditto. OG Decals are one of those items that need to go on an OG frame . If it was a refinished frame (Chrome, powder or paint), I would go with repops.
  6. That is one sick build. I know a lot of members don't like tuffs on a 70's build but I think they give it that "take no prisoner" look.
  7. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess Free Agent micro mini...
  8. Love the Spoiler. Do you have a shot of the whole bike? Thanks for posting Don
  9. The blackwall tires, grips and seat paired up with the blue hoops gives it that old school vibe. Love it
  10. That's nice Pat. I was about to mention the cut seat tube
  11. You seem to have that effect on people around here
  12. Yeah, who knows. Just like they said the first 150 mild steel frames started with a "0" (serial #) while the rest with a "1" yet I have seen Quad serial #'s starting with a "3", "4" and "6"
  13. Sweet frame. One of my personal must have frames. btw, the OM claims to have only made 150 mild steel frames while later in an interview, Mike Dewitt said it was more like 200.
  14. Actually, on the contrary. I wouldn't want to be know as "the Rod Ryder" It may sound cool for a min until the Jokes start coming in and last throughout your adulthood life.
  15. Idiots are paying for a decal and think they are getting a # plate. People just dont know how to read and yes, the last neg feedback is funny as hell.