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  1. If that's the case, a "no reserve" auction would be the only way to go.
  2. Im all for owning rare items but when I read something like this, to me, its a deal breaker. A few years back, there was a set of Campy graphite Tuffs that had hair line cracks throughout the hub area and they still fetched a hair over $1800. I just dont get it.
  3. Stunning. Are you going to give it an OA bath Grey?
  4. My thoughts exactly. I wanted to say something earlier but I didnt want to offend Jim. Just dont do what Voris Dixon did by fixating on the name and the piercing of the tubes. Keep it new and original.
  5. Jeff, this is quite possibly the "coolest" build I have yet to see. Like Andy said, love the attention to detail. It's not just a bunch of parts that were bought and installed. You actually thought about every square inch of this build. Amazing
  6. Thanks guys. I'm the type of guy who cant have anything displayed/stored unless its going on a build. I usually buy on a "need to use" basis. If that's what I decide, I would have to sell them and "hope" the new buyer doesn't use them on a build. pair of NOS skinnies. Single NOS Fat
  7. Na, its just nerves i'll be fine, not THAT worried. Trev, not use to meeting new people? It does seem kind of odd that you know someone for years then when you finally meet them, its like ...ummmm, OK. Its not though, everyone around here is so freaking friendly. Talk to Pat, I convinced him to blow off his Nor-Cal gathering the same weekend a few years back and I bet you the world he wont ever miss another BMXsociety show. Pat has become a regular around here (se666)
  8. I was OK up until they arrived and took them out of their box earlier today
  9. Since quite a few members have mentioned building a bike around a certain part, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do the same. Its been over 16 months since I built my last Changa so when these came up at a decent price , I just couldn't resist. NOS pre stamp Tuff I's. NOS Cheng Shin (60's Taiwan, not Ginny's new China stamp) Knobbys should be here tomorrow. Frame, a few days later BTW, after buying the mags, the thought of sacrificing a set of NOS Tuff's for a build bothered me for a minute....thoughts?
  10. formerly known as Z. Why the name change Z? who are you hiding from?
  11. my absolute favorite bike in your always growing 70's BMX collection
  12. The biggest BMX gathering on the planet is about to go EPIC X's 10.
  13. Very nice Christian. What are your plans for the build?
  14. I was just about to say Scott (Melvinsarmy) would flip over this build. You need info on early GTs, Scott is your man. Love this build Kerry. One I wouldn't mind owning.