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  1. Hmmm....in the auction info he states he'll take $$$ in person. Wish I had the $$$ as I would love to have that bad boy...
  2. Well, I got one of those Loop Quads coming, that will be my next build & after that I figure I need a 26". Then I'll probably need another 24" that isn't so "street". ..
  3. Why would you bother wearing any other brand?
  4. Hey I got no hard feelings Thanks for all the kind words, and the criticisms/opinions of others are fine with me as well. I too have opinions of other peoples bikes/builds/color choices/part choices, etc. but if I think it looks like sh*t the last thing I do is slag it off - I just don't comment on it if I don't have anything good to say about it. Either way I don't care and I can hold my own against the haters ANYDAY... People who slag - I mean "voice their opinion" - in forums usually have nothing better to do with their lives anyways. I'm goin' ridin... FlovalFlyer1982 - I live in the Mission near Dolores Park...
  5. Thanks, SB. Yeah, it has been a labor of love, and that bike tells many stories I guess. We all still like to ride these bikes to keep our youth at hand, and this bike IS my youth. That may sound weird, but yeah, alot of my soul is in that build. The HoleShot set-up is alot of fun, and yeah, it's a total street bike. I don't know, guess you just gotta ride it to see what I mean...
  6. Yep it's my bike, had it since 1983 or so. I built it for me, the way I wanted to, out of the parts I wanted to use. I basically missed the bike I had when I was younger & dedcided I'd bring it back to life. I'm sorry you guys think it looked better back in the day and that "the weld is ugly", but it is for ME, and I ride it everyday. It's not a show bike - bikes were meant to be ridden. It is covered in mud in the garage right now, & someday it will be my son's bike hopefully. I enjoy the ride and it suits my "bombing the hills of S.F." perfectly. Thanks for the great Quadra-Angle comment :Special Salute: I built the bike long before I started hanging out on forum boards learning who does what in the reto world & so for me, it was an adventure re-learning the BMX thing. To find out there are all these dudes in all corners of the world keeping it alive has been fun for me. See you around
  7. That seller has some interesting stuff for sale. I'd take that frame (if I had the $$$)...
  8. I remember many years ago I sent like $5.00 to Shimano & they sent me a set of these decals. Put 'em all over my SX-100 brown & gold Mag Scrambler...looked like hell...cool decals though for sure! *By the way, this is my first post here @ OSBMX. HELLO!!! I notice lots of you guys from VBMX...*