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  1. Great to see it finally done. That thing it stunning. Awesome job
  2. NR 101, Thanks to Firebird (Rick). Tires are not the most sought after but my all time Fav's.. Mich. Hi Lite. Thanks to Mike (Acuda).
  3. Thanks to: Vato Jessie James Rick Pruitt Oldschool PK Lee (1nice Haro) BND AKCUDA Brian Hays HutchHeaven And Anyone i may have forgotten
  4. Refer to the Bars War That was posted to see the first Gen. Here are my 1st gen set. Original chrome.
  5. Glad to see it. You will be happy your collection will be complete.
  6. Your are right. Probably not the best wording to use and i see where it can be misleading. If the buyer is unhappy he will get a full refund, no problem. All i am saying and should of stated is they did not start chroming them until later on in production and not all were chromed unless it was factory.
  7. Chrome as in beatrap. You know what i meant. Ask Jeff Haney if i am wrong.
  8. Its pretty much common sense huh?? How would i be able to sell a headset that was never offered to the public? Anyone building a pro star would probably know that. That is why it is called a replica. Out of those pictures Jeff's, and benders are the only ones that i know are real and the black and white picture is a regular chrome hutch headset!!
  9. I have seen a few. Do a google search or look in the museum. I have only seen 3, 4 tops. Pro Star's that were real. I was never luckie enough to have one as a kid.