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  1. What’s the 411 on the Spookey? Actually, It’d be cool to see its own thread. Post some detail pics and break down some info.
  2. TrulyOdd


    Looks like a GT
  3. Akisu built....they built nice frames for a bunch of companies. Not sure what this is exactly but it’s cool. Hopefully someone will recognize the dropouts.
  4. That’s that serious business right there! Those decals are some real flavor.
  5. I just saw that Bell Helmets just released a limited edition tribute to old school BMX freestyle pioneer Bob Haro. Only 250 made. https://www.bellhelmets.com/bike/p/custom-500-se-haro-cruiser-motorcycle-helmet?utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Bob Haro Custom 500 SE Email - B2C
  6. I liked it more in the original condition and all rusty but you did a good job. Cool bike.
  7. I gotta say I liked the rims. MM’s are cool bough.
  8. Diggin the old school pics! that junior stormer is a cool frame too. I’d love to see a bronze one
  9. Post a pic. Would be able to get a better gauge to narrow down the year.
  10. Very cool you’re only posting here on Society. Hopefully we can get some more traffic in this section so it works out for everybody.
  11. Wow, terrible packing but so glad it got to you in good condition. It’s really a bad ass bike.
  12. Very cool. Regardless if it was meant for you....it’s got your name on it. Ride with it!!!!