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  1. Glad you’re posting here. Things are searchable and others will be able to find it to check it out. great find. The black is sinister!!!
  2. Looks like a bunch of different ones will fit. Post pics of your options.
  3. “certified” ...maybe the competition but definitely not the welder.
  4. That’s a badass bike. It really is a beautiful frameset.
  5. damn. hope that "welder" was fired immediately . too much of this going on ---->
  6. We would love a thread with any and all info you have Robert. Thanks for stopping through...please post pics of the prototype.
  7. i don't remember seeing this. i'm glad SE666's pics are still here but were there others? that's a cool frame, i'd like to know more about them.
  8. The Sugjno cups (like the ones posted above) are the only ones I know that fit. I can measure the ones I have later.