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  1. Stu’s tires look like they’re off a motorcycle.
  2. Nice resto. What’s the length of the top tube?
  3. I like these frames and all the GHP stuff but Greg can be a piece of work. This gen of decals are my least favorite too...they always looked cheap.
  4. Dig the hollow pin chain too!
  5. I like!! 20’s will always be the shit fellas.
  6. I think they’re Terry Cable cranks.
  7. It looks like the repair weld is chromed. If so, it’d be done after being sold. I agree it’s for sure an old chrome job though. Besides being all rusty, etc...definitely doesn’t look like the new process at all.
  8. it doesn’t even look like its been repaired. let’s see the “nasty”.
  9. Cool chrome webco...don’t see as many of these. Dialed too!!!
  10. TrulyOdd

    Elf jr pro

    just guessing it's a '94 by the serial. it's not the exact same year but this thread shows the models they had in '95.
  11. John Wayne or Long Beach would both be much easier and closer airports than LAX.
  12. I remember one of theirs selling years back but don’t recall where it went. on a side note, those tires and pedals gotta go.