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  1. Yes. Thanks for offering it it to the members here first.
  2. you got an appraisal. are you gonna post it for sale here now?
  3. no, it's hard to see but it's a set.
  4. 28 hole...interesting. it's not coming to me but JAX / DK come to mind.
  5. thanks, i dig my vinyl. yes, it's an og ralph's pad. lookin' great on my huslter.
  6. those aren't Thruster....they're Hustler frames. it's a set of early CMC rims, 105g spokes and black high flange shimano hubs.
  7. Not very rare but cool, nonetheless.
  8. It’s clean! That’s a nice pick up. What’s the story?
  9. bunch of sick scoots up in there.
  10. In my studio working on some music and looked up to see what’s hangin. Post a pic in the thread if you got something “hanging” out
  11. Since not many of you venture over to this old section of the site. Figured I’d put a link here. https://bmxsociety.com/forum/68-video-archive-films-and-tv-shows-of-old-school-bmx/
  12. I might try a light amount of superglue in the crack. The gel kind that doesn’t run all over the place.