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  1. I thought you were going to say someone was making and selling them.
  2. Haro Master frames out of Thailand Elf double cross frame sets
  3. That pic with the broken frame is amazing.
  4. Hey Mike, welcome to the site. Thanks for sharing your story. Looked like you were pretty active here in so cal. Other than great memories, did you keep anything from back then? Those jerseys, bikes, etc??? If so, start a thread...we’d love to see.
  5. Wow Steve. Some scary stuff happening. Hope you and your wife stay safe and everything remains ok. The bike I’d save would be my childhood bike. The Star Products that’s been through it all with me Like others, it’s not my most expensive but is definitely the one I have the most connection with.
  6. welcome to the site bclark. lets see a pic of your survivor.
  7. not sure what i'm gonna do with it yet. i took it apart and cleaned everything but then just hung the frame up in my garage.
  8. great advice. also, check with your local bike shop that has knowledge of BMX stuff (race, street, etc). they can show you sizes of frames and wheels that would best suit both you and your son. if you're not gonna be racing...check out brands like S&M, Cult, Sunday, Fit, Stolen, Odyssey...
  9. Thanks for posting, those are cool frames. Nice build and detail pics too.
  10. i saw this posted in another forum. since this forum gets more views i thought i'd post here too. It's a documentary on Homestead Bicycles....the owners story and searching for the 30 frames that were built. Here's a link:
  11. rap artist DAVE EAST reppin BMX on a GT Performer retro for his new album cover.