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  1. Hello canigoback, glad you and your wife are enjoying the site. If you’re really interested, the original poster still stops through, he might still have this bike.
  2. Yes. I don’t know timelines but the early ones were chromoly.
  3. hello mike, welcome to the site. cool low serial, too bad he painted it but still a nice bike. landing gear forks?
  4. Congrats to her. That’s cool she even raced without you.
  5. Here’s one of many threads in cleaning the rust. Search the site for “oxalic acid” or “citrus acid” for other threads on the subject.
  6. Nothing on there would be too difficult to track down. Definitely keep the original parts though. The original parts are much more desirable (and valuable if/when you try to sell). Everything can be cleaned, you don’t need to repaint or re-chrome anything. A light hand polish (after a bath) would get it lookin amazing again. A seat, tires and grips can be easily found to get it complete again. let me look for a link to a thread to help you clean the rust...
  7. Yes. Thanks for offering it it to the members here first.
  8. you got an appraisal. are you gonna post it for sale here now?
  9. no, it's hard to see but it's a set.
  10. 28 hole...interesting. it's not coming to me but JAX / DK come to mind.
  11. thanks, i dig my vinyl. yes, it's an og ralph's pad. lookin' great on my huslter.
  12. those aren't Thruster....they're Hustler frames. it's a set of early CMC rims, 105g spokes and black high flange shimano hubs.
  13. Not very rare but cool, nonetheless.
  14. It’s clean! That’s a nice pick up. What’s the story?