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  1. Larry Wilcox (aka John Baker on "CHiPs") on a Moosegoose in front of stacks of Mongoose boxes. Does anybody have one of these boxes? i took this one from the BMXSociety Facebook page... Scott Weiland - Stone Temple Pilots
  2. Does the bolt go all the way through the post?
  3. Mux and Kevin don’t come around but dirty and 26 stop through.
  4. Wonder why they didn’t name the other chainwheels by their brand? Takagi and 3 Arrows.
  5. and the posse is standing in different places too.
  6. Diggin checking out the pics. That lever mod is cool. I like the pic of the bikes lined up on the fence with the battleship in the back.
  7. yes, you can post links here. just copy the address in the menu bar and paste here.
  8. Xcalibers are very cool. So cool that their design was copied by a lot of companies. Not saying the ones you posted are aftermarket clamps, but Xcalibers are mostly only distinguishable from others when they still have its original decal attached.
  9. Running to eBay after is why people don’t like to give “values”. You typically have to attach a price, but for this... try posting up in the “for sale” section. Put the trade request for what you’re looking for as the price. Someone might be down to trade.