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  1. That bike is hard Tony!! what’s the bike in the background? Nice looking bars.
  2. Mine are probably a couple years earlier than that ad so there could easily be changes during that time. Now that you mention it though, It Has me thinking about my set...
  3. Here’s what Araya had to offer around that time.
  4. “Supreme is also offering a form of transportation with a 20” BMX Dirtbike by legendary BMX company S&M Bikes.” www.hypebeast.com
  5. A little info.... That sticker on the right is upside down and for pre-GHP (Star Products BMX). I have a set of 1st gen expert bars. I can get pics later when I get home.
  6. Turdburd....yes, early Star Products was VDC built. Sick frame set Brian. I’m all about Star stuff and this is a banger.
  7. The bike is rad! I dig those big decals too. Very cool of your buddy.
  8. Cool. Where’s that pic from?
  9. Sick parts (you might need to start a thread on those alone). Those spiders, bb... i can’t remember if I weighed the Hustler or not. I’ll check as soon as I can. I’m pretty sure it’s nowhere near 10lbs though.
  10. Are they clear or not? You might be able to use a clear spray adhesive and apply a thin layer to the back.
  11. Coo that she returned home. Dope bike! Amazing that it exchanged hands that many times and stayed complete. The cranks are a nice boost though.
  12. Seeing the mention of modified cranks... Here’s my set of custom shortened Campagnolo’s (tapped for 1/2” pedals) that Ralph’s Bicycles did bitd. dope start Dub...break the 10lbs mark!!!!