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  1. Hello lucky. Welcome to the site. Please post pics when you got them. People here will definitely help you out.
  2. saw this pic on google when searching for something else. i don't have any info but it was so rad i had to post it here.
  3. Mel B (Spice Girls) T.I. (Rapper) Lil Wayne (Rapper) Wiz Khalifa (Rapper)
  4. Heather O'Rourke (from Poltergeist)
  5. Wow. This is real wack. JDB and SE are not going to be happy about these fools.
  6. This is what the screen names look like on my iPhone.
  7. Man, that is a bad ass bike. I dig the way it looks now. Even the Tuffs look cool on there.
  8. i tried to upload photo and info to the Parts Database but got an error.
  9. yea, looks dope. the black looks slick.
  10. not positive but most likely a KMC or Izumi.