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  1. If you got it 85 that’d explain the serial. The first number 8 is for month (august), next two is year (85) and first one made (001).
  2. Wow, that thing is sick!! Thanks for posting.
  3. It looks like a Rebel Racing “Johnny Reb”, which is an expert size frame.
  4. that frame looks a lot bigger than the Black Lite frames i've seen. interesting. post a pic of the serial # if you get a chance.
  5. Just happened to be flipping through the channels and caught this strategically placed in the background. A clean Redline Squareback (not exactly all era correct) but original and nice nonetheless). I snapped a couple pics as it flashed by. The hog ain’t too bad either!!!
  6. I don’t know anything about it’s story. Hope some fugazi shit ain’t happening.
  7. Wasn’t there a SE brown one shown in an early ad?
  8. I just saw this on FB. Some dumb fuck stole Jeff Bottema’s original DG from Chandler, AZ. The serial number is no. 1. Everyone please keep an eye out for it.
  9. I just saw this new 2020 Schwinn Sting 20” complete. Not sure if others have seen it thought I’d post it here for discussion. https://www.sugarcayne.com/2020/11/schwinn-sting-bmx-racing-bike/
  10. I’m no expert but maybe a 1996 P61 or something like that.
  11. Other than my Star Products that’s been with me since BITD, this Hustler Pro might be one the earliest in my collection.
  12. That’d be great. Definitely looking forward to them.
  13. GT Crap Redline 24 cool bootleg banners MCS, Redline, Robinson, etc... random decks
  14. so clear....the timing, the radness, etc. This pic is amazing on so many levels.
  15. Sad he passed, but you having his bike is cool. I'm sure he's looking down smiling.
  16. Brian Hays should be able to help nail it down.