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  1. I moved this post to the “Riding, Resesrch...” forum since it has more traffic. You’ll be able to get more answers there.
  2. I recently found this black Hutch Expert Racer. Mostly a survivor, except for the 20 spoke (yes, 20) back wheel...with a Shimano coaster hub.
  3. Welcome back. Maybe post a pic of the stuff you have to trade. It might help.
  4. welcome to the site. You’re at the right place. Have you tried contacting Lynn Kastan? Redline was his company and he could answer your questions. Maybe someone here can help reach out to him.
  5. Again...leave things original. The bars on there are perfect. No need to repaint or re-ano ANYTHING.
  6. I had this a while back. Built by Koizumi and similar but obviously different.
  7. Can’t help you with the JB but the Goose is real dope.
  8. looks like a johnny rebel. whats the top tube length? here's some Rebel info:
  9. What exactly are you wanting to find out? It looks like a cool early Stormer. Refinished frame and rims with repop pads.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I think this post should be moved to a more active forum.
  11. sad to hear of his passing. would any of us know who he is? amazing stuff.
  12. wow. amazing lil mini. whats the serial number? those pads
  13. hello harofied. welcome to the site. glad to see you posting up. sounds like you know what's up with some Haro stuff. if you get a chance...post up some pics of your things. it's always cool to check out some bikes.
  14. The splatter decals are typically mid 80’s. I think they started in ‘84 and ran those decals for a few years. Post a pic. It’ll help.
  15. Personally I wouldn’t worry about a new sticker, the original one (what’s left of it) is dope like that.
  16. That bike is fire!! The ring is cooler than a polar bears toe nails too.
  17. I’m gonna move this post to “Riding, Research...” forum. It’ll get a lot more traffic and suggestions.
  18. Welcome to the site. Your story sounds like a lot of us here. Have fun. Post away!!