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    Torker 2

    Canti brakes on the 540...is the one in the original post earlier or a different model.
  2. faster acceleration, loss of top speed and stability, same geometry as a regular 20”... man, I would love to be able to ride that thing.
  3. Super cool looking bike. Great job on the build. That hub is trick!
  4. The forks are “Landing Gear” not PK Ripper’s. They’re SE Racing though and perfect for that.
  5. Thanks for posting that link. Great info. The video is real cool.
  6. Even repros might be hard to find. They’re probably something you’ll need to create yourself.
  7. Cool post card. What year is that from?
  8. That’s pretty cool he still has his bike...and really digs it. BUT, someone needs to help him get some era correct shit on there!
  9. Any chance they were purchased later? They look chrome. Possibly mongoose?
  10. cool you still own your OG bike welcome-to the site.
  11. Totally understand it Sod. i think about doing the same thing all the time. I still enjoy collecting and building bikes but question the keeping of so much stuff. I'll get to thinning things out one day, i'm just too lazy to do it right now. On another note, I thoroughly enjoy your bikes and displays at the shows... and always cool hanging with you. Glad you're not completely "getting out".
  12. Cool. I’ll move this to the “riding” forum for a while. It’s more active and more people will see it.
  13. dope you found a bike that was part of your OG posse. It’s a cool one too.
  14. Its typically looked down on for people to ask “what’s it worth”. Once the seller receives a value, they usually run to eBay and disregard the community.
  15. Bad ass pick up!!! i have a black 83 Reynolds too. I dig the way they look.
  16. Wow. Sick frame set and info. Thanks for posting.