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  1. Ancient thread bump Let’s keep it going…
  2. That’s real cool John. Any pics by chance?
  3. I’m not a GT aficionado but pretty sure thats a late 90’s - early 2000’s design.
  4. Don’t know the exact year but it looks like it’s newer(within the last 10 years). For a values you’d have to check eBay and the likes.
  5. This is great info. Anybody with good Hutch knowledge have anything else to add? It'd be great to have this info about the parts, Trick Stars, and other freestyles stuff. Post up if you can.
  6. Cool sign. Definitely a tough find. You never know though.
  7. TrulyOdd


    not sure if the serial with tell you. post a pic of the bike. it'll help people compare models.
  8. Not sure either. Definitely a GT clone. Post a pic of the serial number.
  9. Keri, thanks for stopping through. Anything you could post about your grandfather would be appreciated. Pics from back In the day…or pics now of anything related to the brand would be great. Paperwork, designs, other products, etc.
  10. Post pics from behind showing the bends. Also, if you can take a pic of the knurling
  11. Nice purchase. Always dig seeing them. What are the handlebars? Let’s see some more detail pics. Forks, dropouts, serial…