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  1. YOUR A JERK!!!!! .....that's "Kev-lish" for I am very jealous sweet 24 my friend. Be proud, she's a beaute' Kev.
  2. Hellz Yaa!!!!! Great choice in using the Tomasselli levers! They are PERFECT for the build!!!! The Cook Mountain Bikes are very rare!! Theirs a local rider here who has one............and this is only the second I've seen. Very nice job so far Perry, she's a beauty!!! Kev.
  3. My Job is very Solid. The Canadian Economy is JUST as slushy as the US though. I have sold The Panda Pro Am Cruiser...One of my CW 26 Cruisers...My OG Chrome 1979 Powerlite 26 ......to fund my House reno. Times are tough with me, buying another House a short while ago, and my Wife not working right now. I also did a BIG renovation on my new home, and the bills are coming in quick!!!!! so......It's mostly upgrades in my home and Family life that have waranted me to sell some stuff.
  4. Congrats Bro.....The shirts are incredible!!!! I am Running Black Oakley II's on my KOS Kruiser Build...and I'd love a shirt with the Black's on it. Kev.
  5. Here is George Barris ....touring "The College Cyclery" in Sacremento California. Adam , your incredible mechanic , a friend of mine, is in the Video. ( long haired Mechanic ) This Video is from a few years ago, and to say the least, this is one of the best Bike shops in the USA !!! checkit' out... http://www.barrisbilt.com/collegecyclery.html
  6. WOW!!!! great build Jimmy!!!! I love it!!!! ============= and next time you Roll buy College Cyclery, say hello to "Adam" He's one of the Best Custom/Vintage Bike builders I know. ============= again Jimmy, nice work!!!! That's one frikin Awesome S&S peace, Kev.
  7. That is the nicest G-Boy ....and quite likely the nicest 70's build...... ......that I have ever seen!!! Be proud Perry..............be VERY proud!!!!!! It's as tough as nails....and twice as sharp!!!! peace, Kev.