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  1. I'm lucky to still have mine, if I still remember correctly I tossed the skyways, owings and other little parts like mx 1000. in 99-2000. (if I only had a brain) Full chrome 1985 RL22, this setup was only available in F/F. here is a before an now pic.
  2. that is a 85', are those the original forks can't tell from pic
  3. I picked this F/F up this weekend, From (Gonzo), I hope this is close to how you were going to build it. can't thankyou enough for passing it on to me. its almost done just need to add a few and change a few parts. here are some pics for now will post up some outside ones when I get a chance. O.G. http://img157.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dsc05982tl6.jpg
  4. thanks! question though... the rear flanges seem to be lower than the front hub (it's a freecoaster), wouldn't they need longer spokes? then go with a 184 onthe rear
  5. how much is the DC version? will it be available or limited qauntities? thanks.
  6. how about you sell me that BB and you wont have to worry about installing them. o.g.
  7. this was deffinently one hell of a Bikeshow/BBQ, Big thanks goes out to the Greg Hill and wife, GOnzo, erole and the rest of the crew who put this together. Ant an G thanks for letting me chill in the Redline Booth, kinda like a big Redline Family. will definently be attending more in the future. their were so many badass bikes I would hate to be judge, that is not a easy job. when they announced best of show I was like WTF! this was my first show. pricless thanks again everyone. O.g.
  8. when my parents purchased my Rl22 in 85 it had the 85 decals and was full chrome,(90degree bends) I posted a pic when I first joined, this is the only pic I have of it but I may still have more at my parents house. just havent had to time to go look
  9. 401, the box is white, I have one with the instructions, they came with everything but they are now on my rider, I'll post pics of the box as soon as i get a chance.
  10. I'm diffinently glad I kept my 85 Rl22, but unfortunately it doesnt look like it did BITD
  11. here's a 86' but its not white just to give you an Idea. just slapped it together this past weekend
  12. I have a little but not much bling but the yellow one is my latest rider. looking for a matching lavender/purple front cable, can anyone Help?!!