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  1. More Goodies. Check out the Skate from Bobby Woods Rick is in with some RBS Shirts Haro is offering a Print! We are not sure which to choose. ODI and Bang Pictures! More very cool frames! SE Hyper SuperCross Bolt LT There is enough stuff to get some great stuff at a good deal. Gonna have to ditch the kid for a few Min. to X-Mass shop. Gary
  2. There were several riders that went on to do big things in racing local to that area and used that shop. It does not say they tested GT's. They could have helped clamp on a set of MX bars to a StingRay, Huffy or other to help a kid and found it worked better.
  3. Its time to show some photos of items that will be up for Auction at this years event! I know several on here will be at the event this year. Redline Flight Exp. XL Intense USA Model THE SE, Hyper, Redmen, DB, Haro, Woodz photos and more to come. GH
  4. Hello Friends. I know Danny and Steph are modern Pros but this is where everyone hangs out so this is the place to post it. We can help a couple top pros win a wedding! If you can? Please take the time to do this for Danny C. and Stephanie B. Not only are they great BMX racers they are great people. Several times a year they show up at my local track Black Mountain and they always make time for the fans. They are never in a rush to leave. When I meet Stu for some laps at Orange Danny showed up and hung with Stu and I. Very Cool. Again, Please vote for this BMX Pro! Gary Stephanie and Danny are entered to win a wedding from a local radio station and they need our help. The winner is completely decided by votes so if we all vote for them, I think they will win! Voting opens tomorrow and you can vote ONCE A DAY until November 6th. After that they will cut down the entrants to the top 10 and then voting will open again for an additional 3 days to choose a winner. The rules also say that your vote won't count if you use an AOL email address because of some spam filter or something, so make sure you use a non-AOL email address (You have to sign up with their radio station to vote, You will see confirmation page when you voted) Here is the website: http://www.1043myfm.com/pages/wedding/
  5. Shannon You and Jen did such a great job! I love the Top picture. "NO ONE" expected something like that hall. They were thinking more like a Hotel Hall. Just watching them walk in and look around was priceless. Props to you and the crew! Gary
  6. Mike Happy B-Day! Seeing You, Fiola and Blyth was great. If McCould would have shown the Kings of High 80"s air would have been sick. Keep in touch! Gary
  7. Thank you all you freestyle guys that showed up. Steve Blackey, Please get me copies of your pics. I had no time for shooting. When you write the event up please mention the sponsers of the Auction Items. You Rock! The Hall of Champions is a major location that show cases major sports like Football, Baseball and more. BMX and Freestyle will be getting some room at their location and that is huge. Also! At the Olympic Training Center HofF Display, Fiola's bike has been put on display. And Vans claiming Dude! I do remember you! Don't pat yourself on the back by knocking others. How did you do in the freestyle comps that RL won? Your time line has you riding at the same time! Be careful when you tie yourself to the early Vans Team and then SE speaking bold! Lots of people know what that sceen was about. RL did in fact have to deal with people saying it was because his dad!. He solved that by training and entering contest for several years. "Winning". Doing shows is different then Comps!. I got paid for years and traveled the world doing shows. Got lots of coverage from Mags and promoted the sport. Like Buff! RL sereved it up. Woody and Martin played in the roll of verbal hucking at those guys. They were winning the Flatland Contest and called them out. RL went low key and practiced non-stop. Came back and won again and again. Me, I never entered a contest. Would have been beat bad. I did cover the contest for some mags and might be able to find some of your results or pictures if you let me know which ones. Enjoy the Ride! Gary
  8. They worked out the problem. Strom won. Day and Long rolled in the back of the field. AH! Conner Fields (USA) was just behind Strom! Gary
  9. Starts in about 15 min! http://freecaster.tv/live/uci-bmx-supercro...tch-chula-vista
  10. Who wants to talk Vans History! Vans claims to "Full" sponership of a BMX Racer our Freestyle Racer is "March 30" of what year ? Co Sponser was it before! Prior to that date a budget was set for Sponsered riders not a team. Before that date a budget was planned and set to launch the Vans BMX Team that went into full effect as full factory. Brian Gass, Kelli and Beatle Rosecrans. Mike Scott, Ron House and GH plus one other litle kid were the racers. House and GH did Ramp Riding BMX with Kelli and Beatle on Skate Boards. Primo D. was the Flat Ground Skater. The Rosecrans were sponsered by Peralta so at any show their riders might show. You name it we road with them. Even Tony Hawk before he was a Teen! The Funnest and Wildest shows would be the Knotts Shows. Enter Fred Blood! G
  11. Steve B. Awesome! A few updates: PK and Giant are throwing in a very nice bike for the Scholarship Silent Auction! If you see PK tell him thanks. And make note of this: PK has mentioned renewing his Membership with the ABA. Turns out he has been riding and thinks maybe a race or two might be cool in the near future. SWEET!
  12. Reilley1 Post up some pics of the bikes you are in for! GRh
  13. FYI: Ticket prices go up tonight! 240+ are accounted for. Plus, Rod Beckering is going to the event and will be racing both days! This brut of a bike is from Alvin Mullins and will be on display In Chulla Vista at the HofF display in the Olympic Training Center. Gary