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  1. Champion is nice but that redline is HOT !!!
  2. The black reaper looks good but the pedals are Huge next to that lil chainring !!! That black on black is killin it !!!
  3. thats what i thought someone on the museum found a old set of hubs one has a profile gyrolite decal , he said he spoke to someone who said it is a magnesium gyrolite hub .... but they are flip flop !!! Very wierd , i will send him this link maybe he will post !!!
  4. Did profile ever make a blackish magnesium gyrolite flip flop hub ???????
  5. does anyone have a video of the bike presentation for us poor fools who wish we had made the trip !!
  7. Sort of, the bike did win, but at that point the Fiola tribute hadn't happened... we didn't do the bike presentation to Eddie until after the bike show awards were handed out. Ant had entered the bike into the judging and Eddie had seen it and just thought Ant had built a cool tribute bike. After the awards... Dan Hubbard, our MC called Eddie up and and Ant stood up there too with the bike. Dan gave a nice little speech acknowledging Eddie's many accomplishments and what he has done for BMX. Anyway... I don't know at what point if at all, that Eddie realized he was going to be presented with the bike, but when it became clear and was explicitly stated that he was meant to go home with the bike and that it had won best Freestyler in the show... it was a pretty emotional moment. I should let Ant tell the story, but I know there is still a lot of stuff going on today and a lot of people are still riding the El Do wave, so expect a lot more photos and a lot more stories later. (I hope). Thanks , Wow now that is what its all about !!!! Very cool , cant wait to see more pics ....
  8. How about a discription with the pics ???? Did Fiola when the best of freestyle with the white GT Tour ?
  9. Man that sure looks like a great event , Next Year !!!!! Plus its a Kick Ass Excuse to go to Cali !!!!
  10. so did u get a JMC frame set yet ? or just makin planz ?
  11. OK here it is Cyclecraft pro frame (frame needs a Oxalic Bath) BAD .... Cyclecraft dirtlegz forks (rare) powdercoatin chipping Profile 180mm crank arms (chrome weathered was gonna have them powdercoated black) Profile 45T Chainring scratched and needs to be brought back Mongoose Platform Pedals well used Elf Blast Bars , Dirty w/slight surface rust at welds ... DK XXL Stem ( needs polishing ) Odi Longneck Grips Shimano Lever (scratched from bitting the dust on the pavement ) ouch.. Spin carbon wheels 1st gen(scratched and decals are running , Freewheel makes noices but works ok LOL) GT MegaBite Used tires but in fair cond ... Bulletproof cushion seat , scratched and used good ( i only use these seats on my riders as they are comfy) DK double bolt clamp decal attached on 1 side still but its lifting .... well here she is , and seriously i will keep it together as a rider !!!! and here it is with my 2 other cyclecrafts ....
  12. I clenaed them up and they are ready to be laced , wow that mothers polish is the shit ...
  13. Here is my profile champ , it took about a year to collect the parts buying and switching parts ... well here it is .... Im very happy with it !! I know i need to loose the cage savers ...
  14. LOL exactly so u can confirm its rattyness !!!! I have a even rattyer cyclecraft but i wanted to build something im gonna keep together as a rider screw it the rust gives it character !!!
  15. DONE , I will get better pics tomorrow ....it rides nice as hell to , gotta love the spins ..i only wish they were in better cond ....