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  1. Oh man. Sorry. This one sold years ago. Good luck with the hunt!
  2. It's come a long way thanks to my good friend Benny. He had some hiccups along the way, but the attention to detail that he paid is incredible. One step closer to the tribute of my fondest childhood bike. She started as a find on one of the websites. A complete rust bucket. The pictures do not do justice to the depths of the pitting in this frame... And after an extreme amount of time and effort... I hope Benny will expand on this part. There's so much that went into the process of filling the pits without losing definition in the welds...
  3. Wow! Had no idea they offered them like that.
  4. Please! Haha. Was having a private chat with Jarvi a few weeks back about the same thing. It's all cyclical and we're near the bottom of the stoke in my eyes. It's the guys here, and the guys that have left due to the bs that will come back (somewhat) and keep the real going.
  5. Larry? Did you do one of the big Philly rides? I may have been there with ya for one or two. Welcome.
  6. Thank you Steve and crew for doing this for so many years. I will never forget my first trip out and how awe inspiring the site of this massive event was. So glad Brian P was able to convince Jarvi to pedal my fat ass around the track in the hack race. So glad Jarvi is in the incredible shape he is. I will also never forget two years later going back and seeing the looks on first timers' faces knowing full well I had the same astonished look on my face two years earlier. To see Nycet geeking out and getting photos with with Fiola and the like was truly a trip. These are certainly highlights in my time in this hobby. Thanks for helping me make the memories. And as Jarvi eludes to above... Getting to hang out with folks and knowing them on a more personal level is icing on the cake. Keep_it_Warm, we will always have the ferry.
  7. Can't say I like or dislike the guy. Original owner Laslerlite is pretty wicked though.
  8. Plain and simple, it's an opinion that most members here share. We like true vintage. There's no loopholes there as far as we're concerned. Reason we feel that way? Because it's how we feel. It's what gets our hearts all a-flutter. Repop, no matter the connection to the original, doesn't evoke the same excitement for most of us. Period.
  9. Anyone see the Michael Strahan episode of ESPN's "A Football Life" series? At the end of the episode he's cruising around the set of Live on what appears to be an old school Kuwi. He even comments that he'll buy his kids new bikes but they'll never get their hands on this one. Anyone know anything about it? True old school scoot or modern replica? Kinda cook either way in my opinion, but it would be super cool if it's vintage.
  10. Sorry. Yeah, was replying to original post. I need to catch up... Do you have pics of the cruiser and the stampings?
  11. The baseball symbol is the "Koizumi mark of Quality". Koizumi was a very good quality Japanese manufacturer contracted by a lot of the big boys in the early-to/mid 80s. Diamond Back, GT, Hutch and many others.
  12. It's a daunting task for sure. Gotta dig into some of the online magazine references to really nail it down.