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  1. Dura Ace cranks rare 175mm nice shape $175 obo Dura Ace cranks need some cleaning 170mm w/BB. $125 obo Sugino Mighty decent shape 170mm $125 obo Shipping additional
  2. cheez

    81 Goose F/F

    Nice 81 mongoose frame and fork 250 obo + shipping
  3. Profab top pic with the correct micro line forks and Scrambler block tire That were on it at the time I quit racing it. Bottom pic when I first restored it with comp 3s and Tange fork to get it riding.
  4. 1st race on the Profab. The decal is on the camper shell. Frame decals were smaller, clear backing with only black text on both sides of the down tube about an inch bellow the gusset.
  5. I have a pic of my Profab when it was still factory Orange with the decals still on it I'll get to you Rick. I also had a decal on the camper of my truck. I'd love to find someone to make me some decals but the images get blurry in old pics when you enlarge them
  6. Profab was an aerospace r&d shop, they didn't need anyone to do fabrication for them. They also built all the works parts for the big 4 Japanese MX manufacturers. They were based out of Chandler AZ. I rode for them
  7. If it was one of Brian's frames it would have the drive side chain stay tube relived (dented) because he ran 7-1/2" Ashtabula cranks and they hit the chain stay tube on those frames.
  8. What would you like to know about Profab? They didn't only build frames for two wheelers.
  9. That year was not Profab made
  10. Try here. http://www.vintagebmx.com/community/index.php?showtopic=27045717 WOW just saw how old this thread is, LOL