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  1. Good old Jacks Schwinn down on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. Great bike shop back in the day. Heavy into BMX and sponsored a few riders.
  2. I don't post here much and I haven't been collecting in a few years due to job promotion. I had to log in and comment on this thread. A few things to say. 1. I can not believe Ryder is 7 years old. Time is flying by for me. 2. I should have just given you the brown vinyl SE pad set. It would have been put to good use. Instead I got stupid / greedy and sold it. I think it ended up over seas! 3. Your collection is just amazing! 4. I know Scott is looking down from heaven and smiling! KEEP THE PASSION GOING JON! I just looked at my profile and in two days I will have been here on this site for 11 years. May 17th, 2007. Wow!
  3. Boogie Down Productions on vinyl acetate! KRS1 is a legend.
  4. Jeff did you pick this up from a guy in Michigan?
  5. Matt I can not send you a pm yet because you are a new member. I will try again later. Still in shock and very cool that you have those decals.
  6. Wow! no way it's you!!! Welcome. I am sending u a PM now.
  7. You could order this frame and forks in 1987 for 385.00 retail. By today's dollars that would be around 800.00 for a micro mini!! Mr.Martino told me that they didn't make a lot of them because they didn't sell as well as other models did. They made even fewer of their all titanium ones due to even higher costs. That is the first Hinson micro I have seen other then Aarons own bike in pictures. I am jealous!! I want that FF.
  8. Also is your junior pictured a 85 lb stamped junior or a 100 lbs stamp?
  9. Jeff does the pressed in steel BB insert have two spot welds in it or one? Also confirming the top tube is 16.5? It seems to have a standard head tube or does it take road bike headsets?
  10. Steve , I hear ya. I have made many friends on several of these bmx sites. It has just lost its fun for me. I am tired of trying to keep up with all of the parts that may or may not be real. I have been around long enough to see even the reproduced parts being refinished. I swear I know of a set of profile cranks that were rechromed and they were the new box style with the stamps on the back. It really has gotten ridiculous to me. I will still be around and I will still be racing with my kids. I am just not going to be surfing eBay and such for vintage bike stuff anymore. While I am on my soap box I just want to say that it has been a interesting 12 years of doing this and I have loved the stories and threads that come and go. Jon I guess I'm staying on the porch and watching like a old man in the neighborhood.
  11. I am fucking done with this hobby! I have slowed down quite a bit with my job and the kids. With all the reproduction bullshit ,I just can not take it anymore. I seriously am going to eBay all my shit and focus on rebuilding a speed boat. Re producers can suck my nut sweat. Exit stage left. PEACE!
  12. Spectating. But Deanna Edwards Jamison raced and won both days in her cruiser class. Solan Foster raced and got fifth in his expert class. Awesome to see some BITD racers getting it done! I guess Special K is into road bikes / 10 speeds now.