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  1. Whatever you do, DON'T call him a cocksucker either....... he's trying to quit!
  2. Came out sik, ....even SIKK-ER in person! Thanks for da show & tell today! U-KNOW
  3. Sod!- you're a Bellflower Local!, I know you're down! D!- glad to here you're making it out, looking forward to catching up w/you! Thanks bravoleader! Rad, be sure to find me & introduce yo'self, I'm looking forward to finally meeting you! Alright, I jus got 150 burgers, 150 dogs, 4 cases of Monster & H2O.....ALL you have to do is show up! U-KNOW, ~G
  4. It's that time again for another BMX PAR-TAY!, I'm turning F-O-R-T-Y!, & EVERYONE (IN SO. CAL) IS INVITED! WHEN: Saturday, September 11th, 2010 WHERE: Bellflower BMX @ Hollywood Sports Park...www.hollywoodsports.com TIME: 5PM-8PM BRING: Your Helmet, long sleeve, bike to ride on da track, & LETZ ROLL! Hope to see ALL my OLD friends,as well as some NEW ones, it's gonna be totally chill, & good times to be had by all. ....did I mention it's gonna be a BRAND NEW TRACK?, YES, NEW TRACK & GATE!!!!....COME CHECK IT OUT! ~G
  5. Cool vids, Johnny! I seldom get to see footage of me racing, SUPER STOKED to watch them over & over. There are not very many people that get to say they beat Toby,...not once,...but TWICE, & on platform pedals! (jus bust'n 'yo ballz Toby!) In da spirit of da whole "old school vibe " that weekend, I stayed true to my BMX roots by rock'n flats (platform pedals) for both races. Thank you to all that have watched them, & MUCH THANKS to CATSIKL for posting! See 'ya @ da track!, ~G
  6. Nice job, Stephen! Congrats on your win as well! ~G
  7. I changed a few things on these 2 ryds, da Challenger cruiser is pretty close to how I raced it BITD, even down to da matching Tioga Comp III grips to match da tires. Da frame, forks, & decals are ALL ORIGINAL. Da L.T.F.has been hooked up to do some serious dirt jumps, SHEEP HILLS HERE I COME!!!!
  8. I ride @ Bellflower 3x a week, many riders sporting skate helmets, Tammy doesn't seem to have a problem w/them...
  9. It came out STELLAR!!! I'm happy you're happy , LMK when you need da others done.... ~G