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  1. Many of you have seen these photos before in this thread. What you nay not have seen is the name of the photographer who went to the NBA Yarnell Street track to shoot them. I always assumed these were taken by Windy or Bob Osborn as the quality of the prints are well done, but alas, the photographer was actually a Sylmar local.
  2. From the Thom Lund photo archives; a young Thom getting air in a dirt lot in Venice. No date, photographer unknown. View large version.
  3. Brian, I was thinking of you when I posted that Gold Cup ticket, I had a feeling you'd be all over it. Property of Mr. Lund - call him! I'll make sure you get it. Speaking of their Europe trip and hack tour, I found this next gem at the bottom of the box this morning. The back only has the names "Jerry and Tom" written in pencil. Gnarly berm destroying hack racing, I'll tell ya what!
  4. I saw Wayne at Rick Twomey's celebration of life last October - great dude! This picture tells the whole story...
  5. And this amazing article from DIG Magazine (Nov / Dec 2002) on pool riding with JP and Thom;
  6. Here's an SE advertizement photo from the Mike Devitt archives, as seen on the BMX Society Facebook page.
  7. I shot this one with my new Kodak Instamatic 126 camera that I had just got for Christmas. Bill Ford and I used to ride over to a large empty field that was part of the Pine Hill Estates but had never been developed. So you have this huge dirt field with a pretty good size hill smack in the middle covered with Pepper trees, so of course, we had downhill tracks all over this hillside. Bill and I would take turns shooting then ride over to Photomat to have the film developed.
  8. Good morning! I have found some new photos and posted them on the BMX Society FB page but thought they should be posted here. New track layout at Randall Ranch, 1975 NBA Nationals, 14 and over expert qualifier. I think this image tells the story;
  9. That was a fun read. Thank you Tom and Lee. I never knew you could cool a Toyota Tacoma with Mtn Dew! My 2002 has 315K and still going strong.
  10. There's an old saying, "Don't know what you got (till its gone)". I'll never forget the good times shared, old friends and new, and the generous effort from the people who made it happen. Thanks, Steve and Crew!