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  1. Very very cool!! I dont post much but great job lionel and family and friends. With the economy in the toilet this takes balls!! Good luck and remember good hings come to good people!!
  2. Great time i made a ton of cash and have not quite figured out what i sold to make that big knot. Thanks to all that purchased from me i appreciate the buisness!! Hope i pissed some of you off with the blow horn and that park ranger was a total gack!! Great to see all you guys in one place at one time. Man what a trip its almost all new faces at this point in the game!!
  3. Kinda short notice for me but truck is loaded with all kinds of bullsit for sale!! Bring money !! See ya in the morning!!!
  4. Could not say it better myself!! See ya this weekend!!!
  5. Phuck i bid $2499.00 and was outbid. Oh well!! Dont want it if i cant make $$ on it!!
  6. Im gunna bring a ton of shit for sale and i want your $$$ so bring a grip of it!!
  7. Rick hope you feel better as i have some parts with your name on them!!!!
  8. Thats funny i have p16 11 LISA TERRYS PIT in my possesion!! Really cool to see you have the plates!!
  9. I will try to make it pending river trips.Nothing better then the catfish/june/ and the colorado river.Hope i can make it.
  10. tasteful! When did Dave C get rid of that? $1000.00 and i bought it around 4 years ago or so.
  11. Yeah it had to go.My wife did not dig that bike at all. I dont remember selling it it DJ i remember giving it to him for almost free.
  12. Damn i was finally going to go but WAY TO MUCH RAIN FOR ME!!Man you guys are more die hards than me!!
  13. I would'nt doubt that either. Just a few days ago,I was talking to someone who actually sold Jeff some of his NOS CW and SYYWAY f/f sets a few years ago. He claims Mexican Customs,for years,have been holding him back from importing a container full of Pink NOS CW 1500s and SKYWAY streat beats in every fruity color. Thats actually a good thing right???.. Yes and i promise if he got those the killer price he sold me those for would be LONG GONE!!
  14. Thats totally sick!!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++
  15. Damn i thought i got the whole ralphs score!! Appears i must have left a few items behind!!