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  1. Hi Pat. The prices are insane. Dare I say its taken the fun out of it.
  2. The personal pics are cool. Most of the magazine images are burned in my brain, so those are a nice change.
  3. Also, I put it to work right away at a memorial race held for a fallen bmx friend of Scott Towne. Downhill action.
  4. This gem came into my life last year. The grips were toast and put a bogus plate on it. Otherwise as found. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time.
  5. I'd say Bonkers, but that's someone else's line. I'm a painted frame fan, and that one is tits.
  6. Some guys just have "it" when building a bike. Tom is one of those guys. That is another awesome build.
  7. As if you don't have enough to do, but if, while sifting through his archives, you stumble across anything regarding the XR75 motorcycle frame's I would love any info you see.
  8. One interaction with that guy and I knew right away he wasn’t my type of person. I’m funny that way. My gut feeling was right.
  9. Hey! I have a question about the Wes' BMX bar pad you posted in 2009... tried to send a msg but it wouldn't let me. Do you mind if I ask you about it?

  10. Weyless cool than originally thought...
  11. I just can't sign off on those small tires (front tire only maybe) on the Tim FMF. Surely a front big was the flavor during that time period, no?