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  1. One interaction with that guy and I knew right away he wasn’t my type of person. I’m funny that way. My gut feeling was right.
  2. Hey! I have a question about the Wes' BMX bar pad you posted in 2009... tried to send a msg but it wouldn't let me. Do you mind if I ask you about it?

  3. Weyless cool than originally thought...
  4. I just can't sign off on those small tires (front tire only maybe) on the Tim FMF. Surely a front big was the flavor during that time period, no?
  5. NorCal badass Dave Vanderspek, gettin crit, Curb Dog style.
  6. Very cool. I guess we know what the brand of components it will be built with haha.
  7. Those are so kick ass! Too bad the number plate hasn't found it's way back to the bike.
  8. Did you mean to say he DRANK a 40 for his birthday?
  9. Nice job fella's. Way to keep the torch lit with all these killer rides for us to enjoy!
  10. My buddy has one that Towne and I have played a time or two when we go over there to lay down some tunes. Kinda fun
  11. I spoke my peace via the vote button. Thanks to everyone that entered. I always enjoy seeing what new stuff comes to the table for this event.
  12. Being a hardcore bmx, and then moto guy, I have always dug FMF stuff over all the other crossover brands. I did manage to get a start on build years ago, but didn't like the polished frame. I did out bid Darren Chan for the FMF fork though haha.