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  1. Haven't rode in 3 years but I'm going to Woodward west for the OS reunion, first weekend in May with my girlfriend Stacie so I have to ride a little.... wish me luck! =)
  2. Cool stuff Dennis! Thanks for sharing buddy
  3. Good Times for sure! Blyther hooked me up with the pass all access and I got to go behind the ramp and shoot some cool photos, DMC crashed pretty bad in the first round but was okay, Simon got third which was very cool! last year he crashed and got knocked out all in all it was a great time!!
  4. Damn I forgot how nice that bike was! thanks Chromey
  5. http://s203.photobucket.com/albums/aa306/c21alvin/X-GAMES%202012%20BMX%20VERT/
  6. Oh yeah and post your pictures from the show here too Thanks!
  7. Wow! What a great weekend!! I had a blast! what a great show, I have to thank SJ Brothers for his commitment to this show and his commitment to BMX, I know how much he puts in to this show and the site because I've been living with him over the past year, He doesn't make any money off this show its just his passion he does it for the love of BMX so we need to support him and the site!!!! he actualy loses money on this show every year and he is going to be pissed when he reads I wrote this but I feel compelled to say we need to support him and the site , this site has been so good to me and Steve is an amazing friend so lets all do our part to help Steve keep our dream alive!! And what about Danny Hubbard who show's up every year for free and hosts this show and kills it!! and Steve Blackey for the awards/Trophies and the mods Kerry and Spur for flying out here and helping make this show happen every year you guys are awesome!!!!!! I know we are blessed to have these guys doing all they do so lets do what we can to show our appreciation and support the cause, give what you can to the site support anything you give will help keep this dream alive. Sorry Steve I had to throw this out don't be mad love u Bro.