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  1. Thanks everyone! I am actually from Hawaii. I was born here and at age 7 I was taken to Japan for 4 years, Korea for 2 years, the Philippines, and across the US until I was 14 then returned here to Hawaii. We moved around a lot since my Dad was in the Military. Hawaii's a great place to be, temperature here stays 70's~80'S all year round. As far as Freestyle here it used to be really big in the 80's, we had shows where all the top riders came down, Eddie, Martin, Josh, etc, they would do shows in front of our local bike shop. I miss those days, and I know what you mean about running broke with this hobby, the prices for parts were much more realistic then! If I had only known what parts would be worth I'd a bought a truckload of stuff!! Sonny
  2. Hey Guys and Girls, I just recently got back into flatland freestyling. Me and some friends used to ride everyday back in high school. When we graduated in 1990 (Yes, I'm OLD!) we rode for a little while after but eventually everyone went their own ways. Now me and my best friend are trying to gather the old school fools to get back into it. I used to own lots of different bikes including a custom painted REDLINE RL 20 II which I parted out and sold for some money for a trip with my Family. I recently acquired a 1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour on Ebay which I also had custom painted. The color I chose was neon green. We just finished the build tonight. Here's some pics. First pic is my old RL 20II frame painted YAMAHA R-1 blue, then my new GT painted neon green. The green is hard to catch on film, in real life it is very bright and totally matches this bike to me. I am happy with this buildup but I still need to do some work on the brakes. Enjoy the pics and looking forward to sharing info with everyone here! (click on each pic twice to see full size) http://s119.photobucket.com/albums/o135/di...DM/BMX%20stuff/ Sonny