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  1. Good Karma indeed. oh man this is so great. I am stoked this might not get parted and instead land in Ricks hands....excellent. Yes patina and all that is pretty much the same thing to the road guys as the BMX guys. its all the same, just different types of bikes and people. And no, you are so right. Those guys would not care about us. Most bike guys are in to what they are in to and could care less about keeping nice bikes like this intact if it doesn't fit their area of interest. I didn't realize this yet......but, does this bike have cantilever brake posts? I don't see side pulls on the front or rear.........maybe it was meant for center pulls. What rear derailleur is on this one? Would you be so kind as to post a nice profile pic for us? If I was flush at the moment, I would be all over this one if it was my size. I am in desperate need of a good vintage lugged touring bike.
  2. Oh man it would really sadden me to disassemble that bike for the cranks. I would be thrilled to find that ride for $99, what a deal. I love old Dawes road bikes, they are very well thought of. I used to have one from 1947. I really miss that bike. I just have a love of all kinds of vintage bikes, especially higher end bikes like this one is. Doesnt matter if its Road, MTB, BMX whatever. Imagine finding out that a road guy found an old RRS survivor or etc... and stripped the campy bmx parts off it to build a fixie or just flip.....just saying
  3. basing this purely on the seat stay wishbone configuration.......its a Schwinn. Probably between 1997 and 1998. I checked around and it looks the most similar to the 1997/1998 Schwinn cruisers (Pro Stock) but the chainststay bridge is different on those. Its a strange one for sure. Maybe a Schwinn team model or prototype?
  4. How did I miss this build.. So sick. That may very well be the nicest 26" Cuiser I have ever seen. Period. Great job! I would love to see this one with a nice padset.
  5. ok got it. I was being lazy with that IRD ad. I assume that is fine since its not really a BMX specific item.
  6. I am noticing that images attached to threads that are wider than the margin area of the forum are not scaling down so that you can see them in full. for instance I replied to the Sunday CL pickup thread and posted that image of the ad for the IRD post. I have to scroll to the side to see the full image. is there a way to set the margin of the frum so that it displays wider and allows me to see those images in full?
  7. Interloc Racing Design was a badass MTB company bitd. I highly recommend checking out their really awesome components and bikes from the mid 80's to around the mid 90's before they sold out and got all generic. They were really innovative, I particularly loved their switchback brake design.
  8. I just realized that the stem is really super duper lame. it looks like it was modded from a non slant stem, like they just cut through the mounting plate but kept the rear of the plate intact and then bent the plate to be slanted. I would hate for someone to hurt themselves using that piece of crap. Its just amazing to me how far people go to rip you off.
  9. Wow just wow..... The Frame looks nearly identical to a Porkchop Landrace. that has to be one of the most over the top fakes ever. To try and fake out a CBR cruiser from a Porkchop frame is kind of funny in a very disturbing way. This hobby really sucks sometimes
  10. I have never seen a Control Tech seatpost like that. It looks like an IRD post to me. see this link below for more info: http://www.bikepro.com/arch_products/seatposts/aird.html
  11. This is always the first thing I think of when I see a 20" > 24" conversion. Also seems like you would be able to control the geometry and get your product a bit sooner too.