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  1. This is awesome. I have always wanted to do the same thing. A guy in EU made a custom 24" cruiser and did a top notch job. I can't find the link at the moment, but same idea. Great work!
  2. I guess I might as well chime in since I am the person that won the auction on ebay. Yes, I have read all the crap on both posts about these cranks. Yes, I completely know that these are retro's. And No they will not be sold off later on to try and dupe anyone. At them moment I have a two others sets of profile retro's. One is on a Kappa K26 and I love them. Great cranks, and they fit perfect with the Kappa and all the other "reissue" parts on it. Well I am building a second Kappa K26 and wanted another set of retro's, and these were a good deal at $270. I am going to mount them and ride them until the bike or the cranks die. The third set (for all you keyboard detectives) will either go on my Skyway 24" if it doesn't sell or a custom project that I am collecting parts for. These are not the anti-christ, their cranks, they have been outed, used as a learning tool, and soon to be in a new happy home. If I ever don't have a use for these, I will personally cut them up and post pictures. Please let the sh!t talking stop....
  3. I have never seen those bolts. I have a few sets of chainrings and spiders too but didn't know there was hardware to match.
  4. I think it is great that you turned it into your custom Silver Streak. When I did a remake of my GT from back in the day, everyone gave me grief about some parts choices. But that is what made the bike my own (the random freestyle stuff on a racer). Anyone can build a stock bike, its the crazy upgrades and parts choices that make it our own.
  5. I would like to see a few as well!! I have always wanted a pre-88 Free Agent
  6. Was just cruising though the list and laughed when I saw a Hutch XL24 that I sold. I actually thought it was pretty reasonable at the time for all that was on it...I guess it was still $$$ though.
  7. I would like to see that F/A cruiser built up or hanging in my garage...either one
  8. Looks amazing! GT's always take me back to my youth.
  9. Hey P, Let me know if you do plan on selling it! I would PM ya but it doesnt look like you are set up. M.
  10. damn!!!!! I want another one 26" GT sooooo bad. I wish I could come across one in a "find" rather than dishing out big $$$ for one, which will happen eventually. M.
  11. hmmm....has Se gone to far by turning the PK Ripper into a fixed gear..... SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear I am not a fan of the fixed gear bikes since I really enjoy coasting. But some do have a cool look to them
  12. I spent sooo many days riding to Wheel Sport in the summer to drool over new bikes when I was growing up. Other stops on our journey were Spoke N' Sport and Garland Cycle. Damn those were good times!
  13. Wow that is amazing that they found it for you. So maybe there is hope of the GT that was stolen from me back in 86'.... Keep us updated on when it gets back in your hands and if they find the XL24!!
  14. I would build it for sure, and stare at it for a bit. But then take it for a very light ride now and then.