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  1. May 1975 Bicycle Journal (Continued) Graco MX1000: Hunt Wilde Motor X: GEM Sales & Imports - Littlejohn: And...a crop of the bike above. I can't seem to figure out what is going on with that bike.
  2. May 1975 Bicycle Journal (Continued) Nankang: Bendix: Shimano - Sun Cycle - Ashtabula: Dia Compe: Dealer to Dealer (Promoting BMX) Bendix Black High Flange Hub:
  3. May 1975 Bicycle Journal (Continued) Weinmann: Royal-Grant (What is that suspension bike?): Bicycle Motocross - A New Sport Pedals Across the Nation: Carlisle: Valentine - Double V Engineering Trans-American-West Skateboards:
  4. May 1975 Bicycle Journal (Continued) DIsneyland - Littlejohn, Troxel, Webco, BMX News: Disneyland - AMF, Cohan, Dan Gurney: Disneyland - Mesinger, Matthews, ACS: Disneyland - Chicken Power: Disneyland - Chain Bike Corp: Graco: American Bike Accessories: Mijon:
  5. May 1975 Bicycle Journal (Continued) Chicago Bicycle Show Goby, Matthews: Hunt Wilde; Shimano, Persons: Ashtabula: Nankang Tires: Disneyland NBDA Show: Disneyland - Shimano Service: Disneyland - Panda BMX, Prince BMX: Disneyland - JCI, Gobby, Hunt Wilde
  6. May 1975 Bicycle Journal: Cover: Rollfast (Mossberg) Little Bike Industries: Torrington Spokes: Weinmann (Delaware Mercantile): Bencomo Sales Co: Back inside cover, Hunt Wilde
  7. A couple of unlabeled unknown images I came across. No idea what they are. First image is titled unknown1989 parts if that is a clue.
  8. Doesn't look like a Gurney to me. It's chrome and not nickel and several other things just don't look like a Gurney. Looks more like a Sekei (sp) or something like that.
  9. The earliest I've documentation I've found is March '78. That fork cleaned up great!
  10. Hey Steve, pm or text me your email address. I posted this with you and Barry in mind, and of course to add to the Webco thread! Full size scans are about 5 MB each. Will probably take two or three messages to get them all to you.
  11. Very similar to the Gracos but with a single downtube and a 20" front rim (as opposed to 22" on the Gracos). I have several of the old Kents around in various stages of completion. Was planning on making a custom boinger with one but haven't ever gotten around to it. I'm sure you guys have seen a lot of them but they usually have various pieces of plastic on them.
  12. Wow...so many missing images. Here's my childhood bike. Was the perfect size when I bought it, six months later I couldn't ride it. I need to revisit the decals someday.
  13. April 1977 Minicycle/BMX Action Minigoose review:
  14. Just snagged this off of eBay. Had the Mini-Replica, Moxie V and Minigoose reviews. I have full size scans if anyone needs more detail in the images. 1977 Minicycle/BMX Action: JU Cover:
  15. Rick's grandson, Christopher did a fantastic job of putting everything together. Kudos. Memorial Card:
  16. Love it! Great job as usual. Love the fork and wheels with this frame.
  17. Totally understand. One of my favorite builds in the last few years.
  18. Sorry for the quality of the images. My skill set is limited and I have a 5yo phone. Thought I took a hundred photos but ended up with about twenty and only a few of any value. I was sad to find that a few of my shots of Patti and her boys are of poor quality. Marvin Church, John Palfreyman, Byron Friday, Dave Clinton and Bob Seiber (Bob was shy, I had to prod him a little to get him the photo) Brian (Sodbuster), Steve (Big Fire), Byron Friday and Ernie Alexander Spike, Mel and Donnie (1966BMX) Wayne King Monoshock trio - Rick (Reilley1 Co-Owner), Wayne King (Designer) and Thom Lund (Rider)