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  1. Been there. Took a year off or so to pursue my other interests. Don't sell your stuff off just yet. I only sold off one bike and some random stuff I had hoarded, now I wish I had the bike back.
  2. Very cool. The only thing possibly better than building is going on a ride.
  3. Great job. Another +1 on the OPC.
  4. Look closer, it is bent where it is not supposed to be.
  5. If you wanted to take parts off the Huffy, I am confident 99% of the parts should work-with the caveat that I know nothing of the Huffy you are talking about. When it comes to bikes, the metric vs. standard issue only relates to fastener sizes and pitch. As far as bottom brackets, headsets, etc., it really shouldn't matter as long as you aren't trying to mix the metric stuff with standard.
  6. I love them all, but really dig the Sting. I think its cool as is, even if the parts don't match the year of manufacture. I figure we all replaced or upgraded parts over the years, and bought what was new or available.
  7. Great bike. I love Midschool Robinsons, and yours is a great example-not over the top, but very nice and capable.