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  1. damn bob! sorry to hear you're having some health issues. get some rest! maybe getting a new serial number might help feel better. i have a serial number for you. it's a 20" polished alum. jim sugimoto in gardena, ca bought this new directly from wade. nr dg 074. take care, scott
  2. Hello, Sorry I'm not here to pick sides, but I would have to disagree. I picked up that from from Wade's house. Another thing that frame your buying (burned in the house), did that have any cracks? I have a repaired polished 20" Nomura for sale. Buy mines!!! Take Care, Scott
  3. Congrates on the win. That thing looks crazy in person. I think you can use a couple more valve stems on that build!
  4. Man it great being back in So. Cal. This was a great show. Thanks SBrothers for putting it on. It was great seeing some people I haven't seen in years and the tacos were great! Thanks Williwoods for the compliments about the 20" Nomuras. (In the earlier photo thread) Thanks for "G" for helping put that 20" alloy one togther the night / early morning before the show. We finished around 2:00 am! Can't wait for the next show! Take Care, Scott
  5. I will be there with one or two bikes.
  6. Hey Tonedog, I have a question. How old are you? Are you racing Derek (Purple Nomura guy)? Because he was a couple years or maybe 3 years younger then me and I used to race against Tom Bednorz all the time. I'm not calling you out at all, I'm just confused. My memory is not the best. Tom Bednorz started out racing in that Puch (Green colored jersey) and use to cry all the time. Then he became pretty fast and raced for Powerlite and etc. He used to live on around the block from Ascot and had a huge brother. That's the Tom Bednorz we are talking about right? By the way I seen Rich Rivera at Soup Plantation (Torrance) a year or two ago. He was a brand new Dad and it was the first night away from their kid. Paul H. who Joe was talking about is Paul Hokama and he too is a brand new Dad. Johnny Cat and G keep in touch with him. From what "G" tells me he asking about putting a old school bike together too.
  7. I agree with Johnny Cat. I think it was Derek. I think Derek, Jim Sugi and myself were the only Nomura guys at Ascot. All I can see is the guys hand in the photo. Jim and I had puggy fingers. Derek is the only one with skinny fingers. That's Shannon Uno's Mom and Dad in the background though. Great photos by the way. When I go back to my mom's house I will dig up some old photos too. I think I found some of Mike Buff racing Ascot. The crappy first temporary track in the back, before they built the nice one. With the arcade and you could buy the microwaved torpedo sandwiches and make temporary number plates out of paper plates. LOL
  8. 941 is Shannon Uno? Looks like it. I could tell you that photos is Ascot... maybe the last straight before the finish line. That butt crack (or any guy's butt crack!) does not look familiar to me! LOL.
  9. Hello, Great photos. Did anyone notice the plumbers crack in one of the photos? LOL. Take Care, Scott
  10. Thanks for the nice words. Well you help put that bike together. Those are your old DX pedals!
  11. Thanks for putting on the show. It was great. Almost perfect weather, good food, cool bikes and thanks to snorton for putting up with a newbie mistake. Congrates to "G" for his 24" and pit award! It was really nice to meet people from the site in person! Take Care, Scott
  12. I seen companies get sued in the automotive industry for copying products. They didn't use the OG companies names on the copy products. In one case the OG took the copy company to court and won. The OG company got $500,000.00. I think the copy needs to be at least 20% different from the OG stuff. If this guy tries to copy Greg Hill's stuff and he takes him to court, I think Greg Hill will win. I really don't think this guy thought this thing out. Besides what happened to people's pride bikes? How can people admit they have copy shit? This reminds me of that Eddie Murphy movie. "They have the Big Mac, we have the Big Mic."