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  1. Hey I picked this up for 60.00 today any ideas on the year and any info would be great. I know its a robinson it has a badge welded on the seat post upright says robinson racing made in the U.S.A. And that the cranks are profile but no idea on year. I dont really need any of it but figured what the heck.
  2. Im East coast Braski ............Thruster all the way !! light, tight and fast. small package as well = great for racing. I rode my first Kuwe at 41 damn Im down with the size of the laser lite much bigger. 21 i love ya bro ....but.. ET. c'mon ! huffy made a my lil pony bitd. Im srry I aint down with no ET movie bike deal thingy. Again 21 NO disrespect my friend
  3. COOL stuff ...a big THANKS !! :32: man I look at stuff like that and I gota smile. great thread!
  4. 21 you are truly a lover of bikes and this site is great b'cause of guys like you here .
  5. Cool !!!! thanks for the view !! WE need more race PICS, guys we know ya got some home grown pie plate peddling photos! Any body know what a pie plate is ?
  6. Smooooth, nice job. OS BMX new look to the masses...... ALL HAIL
  7. 250 HOLY crap !!! yea bro grab it ! ! Looks like a jammie burrous? Get a bigger pic of that :24: Thruster :24: on here for us to enjoy!
  8. Somebody somewhere will go HOLY F-N SHIT I had one of those !!!! NICE BIKE ! Where did you find that!....lol you know it. You got 3 hours in it, its a hobby so keep it around. Nice job.
  9. item # 120168279464 CW phase one 1982 3200.00 on Ebay. what ya think ?
  10. I like to look at the back grounds as well and see what peeps are wearing. I was the first kid in school to wear vans, The red and blue ones like in the last Pic, I think it was 8th. grade . I got laughed at allll damn day I just wanted to go home :Special Salute: ...lol. By the end of the school year I was the coolest mother swinger there cause everybody wanted Vans. BMX put me ahead of the curve. ( for once). Greyboy is there any info on the scorpion? I cant find any.