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  1. Come to Akron this weekend and you can see me and some of my bikes in person!!! We gotta lotta catchin' up to do!!!
  2. Damn, I gottalotta catching up to do - only 2400 posts!!! 2401 now......
  3. is back among the land of technology!

  4. Ahhhh.... nothing like the "real deal", huh brother?!? Another beautiful soul.......
  5. Pleva? Yeah - I guess he's a pretty O.K. guy; if you're into weird things like that........
  6. radmeon

    BP and I have been talking about me having a shindig at my place in WV for the 4th of July weekend. We need to break in my new house proper style!!! You know - the 3 B's..... Beer / Bikes / Bar-b-que!!!! I've even got a big screen out in the garage now so we can run all my BMX videos all night long. Or, if BMX videos are not the choice, other movies can be arranged....
  7. Decades - without any doubt! Those, and Backside walk-arounds. I always got a lot of "owww's" and "ahhhh's" with those! LOL!!!!
  8. O.K. - I now have to go to Canada for a few days and will probably have some freetime up there this weekend. Any of you Canadians around the Vancouver / Surrey area available for a beer or two, or three??? LMK and we'll try to meet up. Sean
  9. Underside of bottom bracket, brother. Right beneath the Redline stamp. Sean