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  1. Steve, I noticed the difficulties in the search engine myself the other day but thank you for the tip. I regularly use the quotes in other searches but didn't even think to try them with my searches on the site. ~S~
  2. Jon this bike truly makes me want to start riding mini ramps again BAD!!
  3. Jeff, There were many items I purposely left off. Items that were coming out 93 or later like the axle nuts, frame savers and platform pedals were left off as they are more recent history and still available in recent years. Yes JP made BB as well but covered in the statement above and not part of Crupi's history. If I remember my information from Brett Kimble Crupi made four generations of BB's and JP is based off the last which is not very good. ~S~
  4. No identifying marks on the freewheels. Just how they are made and that they have aluminum centers. Very very few people knew of their existence, and price was a huge part of that. I will go reread the Crupi page, as I have seen it but There is stuff I am have missed. ~S~
  5. I second what Sod said. If you can make it happen keep the memory alive. I had the opportunity to purchase my local shop here in AZ, Kore bikes as the owner a good friend of mine moved to Idaho with his wife. but multiple surgeries some which have happened and some that will still be in the future, and starting a family I decided it was best to pass. Fortunately another friend purchased it and is keeping it going. ~S~
  6. I did a lot of research on Crupi when I was building my Widowmaker a few years ago. I was researching their freewheels as the were later 80's exotica in my opinion. They were one of those items that few people knew about, were super expensive and hard to get. Crupi would take a standard Suntour freewheel-all I have seen or own are black teeth- and replace the center with machined aluminum parts and build it into a master piece. When I called Crupi inquiring about information on them I was given the number of an old bike shop in California where they used to be built and I think Crupi Products was located. I will try to locate the name of the guy and the shop, but as soon as I asked about the freewheel you could tell he was walking down memory lane. Here is a list of early products that I know of but there is a lot of information I don't know. Please add and or correct any of the information. Pedal cages: Unchanged from the beginning. With cages being made for Hutch (lCrupi round), Hutch Mini, Suntour square MTB, Victor/Suntour semi oval, SR Speedtrap, Crupi Square Crupi Freewheels: Modified Suntour freewheel-ss discussed above. 1" Stems: Early stems had a basic C.P. stamped into the top, In the 90's (94 ish?) the CP logo was more modern milled and the quill Hubs: Low flange hubs are the biggest question. I don't have a lot of info on them. They were produced up to they changed to the second gen milled logo hubs in the later mid 90's. You could buy the foil decal hubs at many placed including Crupi's website up to a few years ago. Bottom Brackets: Crupi made a square taper for the smaller guys but when it was released I don't know. The also made a titanium spindled 401 Flight Bottom Bracket that are extremely sought after still to this day. Brett Kimble had helped school me on these in the past. Like the freewheel this is an item that I have wanted since back in the day. Pedals: Rounds were of course based off Hutch pedals. They are a modern cmc's version of the Triton design. First had foil decals and I want to say these came out in 92. Squares first appeared around 93 or 94. Cnc'd logo with red paint unless it was a colored body. Generational changes were discussed here. Hubs: High flange hubs were said to be Crupi's Cnc'd take on the Campy Record hub with of course sealed bearings. I first saw these in 93 or 94 and almost bought a purple set. These were foil decade as well until Crupi switched to the milled logo of the later ten hubs. There was also a company that popped up with really cool anodized parts called JP. Many have learned JP was the company doing all of the mill work for Crupi and there was friction between the two. JP then made slight changes to the milled parts and sold what is believed to be the left over Crupi stock as JP.
  7. Steve, I know we have spoken in great lengths on this in the past and I fully understand and support your decision. I want to take this opportunity to again thank you for all that you have not only put into this hobby/sport in the past, but all that you continue to do every day. Your dedication as well as the efforts and dedication of the rest of the team have helped transform old bike parts into memories. Your passion is what brought us all here and continues to bring us back. Unfortunately along the way the secret got out and everyone wanted to join the party. It is a shame that some of the bad apples have unknowingly caused this and will continue on their way to greener pastures, but if they are only showing up for the event and or to comment on Bike of the Year we are all better off without them. ~S~
  8. Department store. It might be a Royce Union.
  9. Nbl 49a

    TNT cranks?

    Bottom bracket is new and not og. They came out later than 96, and too my knowledge it was 98.
  10. I have always been a big fan of the early King headsets. Mainly because few know about them. Nice to see them getting some exposure.
  11. There is a pic floating around on the message boards. I just don't have it handy anymore.
  12. Broke the steerer tube out of SE Standing Gear forks when I was 12 Severely bent a pair of Spinner forks the next year. Broke a few Laidback and Snake posts Cracked a DK single thick XL invert stem. Cracked a Kastan Pro Stretch frame.