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  1. Yes I got the Swooper from Jonny Severin when I bought my cruiser from him about 6 years ago. Jon was very generous and included the Swooper in the cruiser deal.
  2. Hi there, sorry for the slow reply. I have one of each size left in the Hardcore stems. 1 XL and one XXL. Cheers JJ

  3. Hi there, I haven't had time to look the stems out but will do at the weekend.

  4. Hi there. Yes I do have a couple left. Will have to check which sizes though. Thanks JJ

  5. was trying to get ahold of you about your hardcore stems let me know if you still have them

  6. was trying to get ahold of you about your hardcore stems let me know if you still have them

  7. Powder Puffs - Girl racers A commentator in the UK was known for many phrazes, these two I remember..... 'Good golly Miss Molly Look at teh Cro-moly' ATTACK ATTACK its the leader of the pack...... BMXA fave...... 'Faster than a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers' BTW...............Great thread
  8. Haha, she'd crashed doing a flip on the street course! She declined my offer to tend to her wound(s) I'm in England but group of us made the trip over to the Masters in Germany with a bunch of OS to keep it real. It was a really great trip and the Kwaka really got some attention. Although its tarnished, rusty, scratched, dirty etc etc it how I got it and when lined up with my restoration and other survivors it's 'rat-ness' is kind of refreshing
  9. Sorry I forgot to say - Monster-Robot, your Kwaka is sweet
  10. Some more shots taken at the 2010 Masters in Cologne, Germany
  11. Cleaner than mine! KAWASAKI seat wanted, used condition of course
  12. I have a these.... Moeller's Bassett to finish off GT 24'' Cruiser to get started on - 24'' alloy hub Tuffs wanted Gonna have another go at this VDC Red Alliant frame - Hanebrink forks wanted But this JMC DY keeps jumping to the forefront of my thoughts ....oh and theres a Badd cruiser to finish and my old Maximum from BITD I'll bet I'm posting the same list this time next year though!
  13. This an old photo of me on the gate at York, North Yorksire, Great Britain circa late 83 - early 84 84. I'm in gate 3 on my MT Silverfox. Everyone is doing one pedal starts apart from Craig Wrigglesworth in lane 1 on his Kuwahara ET, he was the local hotshot in the 13's there. Never raced anywhere else though. The gate had more flex than a 'Z' rim!!!! ha The track was situated in a farmers field. There were many random animals roaming around trackside amoungst the race fans. Friendly cows, sheep, goats and even a deer. Such great days.