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  1. He is working on additional screenings and hopes to have an update soon.
  2. Sorry for short notice. There is an advance screening in Santa Rosa tomorrow. Alden - the man behind the bike - hopes to have additional screenings in 2020.
  3. Built up a Homestead with mostly era correct parts for the documentary.
  4. Here is an interesting documentary in the works. Hopefully it will be completed in a few months.
  5. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/bik/5815290201.html
  6. 2551 W WINTON HAYWARD CA. 94545 11am-4pm 8-13-16
  7. Sunday April 17 9:00am - 2:00pm Spreckels Park Bmx 942 Spreckels Ave, Manteca, California 95128 Jeff Burgess the guy in charge of the First Decade Bmxers facebook page and Jon Anderson track operator and Manteca bike shop owner would like to invite all you to their event. Come on out for some old school racing & old school bmx show. They will be handing out awards for both events. For the old school bike show they will hand out awards for the 70's & 80's & 90's and cruiser. Don't forget to bring your BBQ pits they are welcome.. This is a great chance to see old bmx buddies, hang out and watch some old school races and see a old school bmx show.. The oldschool races & Old school bmx show are ( FREE ) so they hope to see you this yr. There is a RFL race for life going on Sunday and a state qualifier on Saturday this weekend. A waiver will need to be signed for anyone racing in the old school race. The old school bike needs to early 1990s era or earlier in the old school race! So no cantilever mounts and no ahead sets on these bikes.
  8. If anyone is looking for a pit bike frameset - let me know
  9. San Jose or Fremont CA depending on time of day
  10. Ukai 26 inch with ACS hubs wheels - has brake pad wear and fade. Has scratches and wear. Needs cleaning. Stock from a King Sting. $135.00 plus shipping. Skyway 20 inch wheels. Converted to freewheel. Has scratches and wear. Needs cleaning. $80.00 plus shipping. Araya 26 inch wheels. Has scratches and wear. Needs cleaning. $80.00 plus shipping. Have other stuff to list soon such as ACS Mags, Skyway 280 TA Frame Fork Handlebar, Haro Group Cranks with pinch bolt
  11. Samco bike shop in Hayward bought the leftover Force frames and added that brace. The Force frames had issues at the bottom bracket and seat tube.