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  1. Better Living Community Center, a band consisting of the great Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes)
  2. Also just noticed this topic is 10 years old as of last month!
  3. Here’s an update I’ve been looking forward to making. Yesterday we went on our first family bmx ride! The soon-to-be-3-year-old has really taken to his Haro balance bike. The soon-to-be-6-year-old has upgraded from her 16” Barbie bike to a slightly larger and much cooler SE “Lil Ripper” 16. Lots of sudden stops, luckily my brakes are dialed! Lots of fun too, just gotta get ahead of the little guy when we approach an intersection. Where’s the proud papa emoticon?
  4. I was going to buy a Porsche but this crash test has me thinking maybe I shouldn’t. Safety first.
  5. Aaaaah, some good news! Thank you Brian! Stoked for you!
  6. Wow! That sucks. Are there any frame builders near you?
  7. Bummer. I'd still keep squirting some between the post and tube and letting it sit for hours. As many times as it took. I haven't used PB Blaster but I know most of those kinds of products will find their way between stuck parts eventually. After a few long soaking in sessions, if it still doesn't budge, heat that seat post.
  8. We use this stuff at work. Allowed to soak over night, and sometimes requiring a good whack with a hammer, it will free the most rusted and seized stems, headsets, seatposts, etc. Given the age and condition of some of the projects we restore, I’d think it would make short work of that post.
  9. What did you pour down the seat tube? Did you let it soak over night? Is there a hole in top of the bottom bracket to pour up with the frame upside down?
  10. I'm so far gone I don't even ride 24s any more. It'll happen to you! That there is a dream score. Color me envious.
  11. It rides great. Onyx hubs are the smoothest I’ve ever ridden.
  12. Gary Turner teamed up with GT BMX and did a run of 100 26” retro BMX packages, called Reunion sets. I got one. It kind of brings my adult BMX thing full circle. This whole hobby started for me circa 2001. I found an all black 1987 GT Performer in the Jersey City Salvation Army for $29. It was all original and in excellent condition. I wish I had held on to it or at least taken a good photo. Oh well. I’ve always been a GT guy. I’ve since evolved into an exclusively 26” and retro guy. I decided to go nearly all black with this bike, like that first GT, and the 87 PFT Team I hada couple years later. 2020 Gary Turner GT BMX reunion 26” frame, fork, seat post and bars GT retro mallet stem GT retro Power Series cranks and spider MCS chainwheel KMC chain Profile bottom bracket Profile GAS pedals Cane Creek 110 headset Paul brake and lever Profile seat clamp Brooks C17 seat Onyx hubs Velocity rims GT tires Oury grips