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  1. Brant posted another one today, referring to the bike as the “Green Machine” which is a pretty rad reference if you’re into stoner rock. Pretty sure that he’s on a new SE of some sort. That’s him on drums.
  2. Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Fatso Jetson, Desert Sessions, Mondo Generator, etc)
  3. File this under rumors and speculation at this point, but... https://bmxultra.com/news/sm-bikes-business-for-sale/?fbclid=IwAR29e3iSGEUkqWs15PR8ryKDezIMYyb16nIGNN2ffcIAdrMPj0zK4j_6cAw If it’s true I wish Chris a happy retirement and congratulate him on building one of the baddest brands ever. I do worry about the future as I’m sure only a giant company that already owns 10 brands could afford to buy S&M/FIT/Building Distro. I wish today was April 1st.
  4. A few musical artifacts that live in my painting studio. First, a used Dale Crover drum head signed by the BigBusiness/Melvins line up. Illustration in the center by Brian Walsby. Dale's signature was on it when I got it, the other three are harder to see because the only marker I could get was an orange Sharpie I borrowed from Brian at the merch stand. Al Cisnero's stage set list from an OM show. It was a tiny venue and I just grabbed it before we left. Hanging on the wall next to Kevin Rutmanis' Melvins bass. I put that bass in it's own thread around here somewhere.
  5. Stay safe, Steve! My choice is a no-brainer. The bike I built in a frame-building class. The blood sweat and tears that went into making this frame could never be replaced. Also, it’s a very practical bike that would be useful after losing everything else. Any other bike could be replaced. However it’d be particularly hard to lose my dad’s 1969 Sears Spyder.
  6. Here’s a skateboard I have with the artwork of Ai Weiwei on it. It’s an edition of 150, each one hand signed by the artist. Ai Weiwei is one of my favorite contemporary artists. One of the few out there pushing peoples’ buttons.
  7. Rad! Last night I put my other ESP on the bike pictured above. It had a black S&M stem, most of the components are black, I needed to break it up a bit.
  8. Mine has too much material removed for a name. That’s cool! Are you sponsored by ESP? Or was that something they offered and I missed?
  9. Out on the single track two night ago.
  10. 20.85” tt is the length of the top tube from center of seat post to center of steer tube. Honestly, for you I’d get a cruiser, a bike with either 24” or 26” wheels. I’d avoid those amazon bikes listed, those are pretty much garbage. Go with anything made by a reputable current brand. Problem is right now many brands are out of stock because of Covid. However some brands are getting new bikes to shops. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check craigslist for a nice used bike. Then once you put some miles on it you can get a feel for what you like and maybe get a new bike later.
  11. That velomobile is rad! Is that yours? There's a guy around town with an orange one of those, different body style tough. Haven't seen it this summer yet.
  12. Pretty sure it's Gary Fisher. Any of those guys and their bikes would do for inspiration though. I've got a soft spot for Gary, my first real mtb was a Gary Fisher. Yeah, never liked suspension. I think because I grew up on a bmx bike, I learned how to get the bike anywhere I wanted to go without thinking about the suspension bouncing. With a 29+ and the tires at about 25psi, you roll (or fly) over everything pretty easy. That Cannondale looks awesome. Those Lefty forks are so trick, I've always liked those.
  13. A little of the historical inspiration behind the 29er.
  14. Got the 29er together! Much to my surprise when I went to pick up the f/f, the boss said it was my bonus! This has been a crazy season at the bike shop. It's not the biggest bonus $-wise, but it's easily the coolest bonus I've ever gotten. I built it up last night and got to ride it today. I went thru 3 sets of bars before going with the ones on it. First I tried the S&M Husky 4spd bars. They felt good, but not quite right. I tried the Husky High Bars, I didn't like the way they felt. Finally I took the S&M S.A.C. bars off my fat bike, they were the Goldilocks bars, perfect! I guess the fat bike will be getting some different bars now. The trans gold is gorgeous. It shows some off the little details even better than the clear trans does. The bike is a very different beast than the 26, even though I've built them with many of the same parts. The 29er feels much more like a cruiser. It is considerably longer, although the top tube is the same length as my Firemans Texas Cruser 26 at 23.5". As I suspected, it's a great single track rocketship. The 26 feels great on the single track as well, but its an entirely different animal. I think the 26 is the ideal cruiser for getting rad on the street and park, the 29 is also great on the street but it really shines on the single track. Both are wheelie machines, but the 29er (like almost any 29er) is almost effortless. Anyway, they both kick total ass! It is surprising the difference two very similar looking bikes, equipped with a very similar set of components can feel like to very different machines. Both great in their own way. Here's the parts on this one: f/f: 2020 S&M Covid Cruiser 29er Headset: FIT Stem: S&M Race XLT Bars: S&M S.A.C. Grips: Oury downhill Brakes: Paul Bottom bracket: Profile Cranks: Profile 175mm Spider: Profile Chainwheel: Profile Chainring bolts: Wolftooth Chain: KMC Pedals: Straitline AMP (to be replaced with Yoshimura Chilao when they arrive) Seat Clamp: Phil Wood Seatpost: Thomson Seat: Brooks C17 Hubs: Onyx Rims: Velocity Cliffhanger Tires: S&M Speedball 2.4 Cable: Kool Stop