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  1. I never collected at the level most people posting in this thread do/did. But I did collect. I stopped collecting or even hunting vintage bmx a few years back. I still love it. Still love to see other people's bikes. Still love it when a classic rolls into the shop. But I just don't have the interest in chasing stuff any more. I never got burned out by the hobby, although the newer crop of collectors didn't help keep me interested. I really like retro bmx cruisers, I've got 4 and my wife has one too. I don't have the little voice in my head saying "don't fuck this bike up" when I ride it. Also, the proportions make me feel like I'm an 11 year old again on a 20". That's what I'm after. The feeling. Everything else is trinkets and trivia. I got way too caught up in that. It's actually a bit of a relief to have forgotten the exact specs of each bike in the 1987 GT freestyle catalog. I've moved on, at least as a collector. Still 100% enthusiast though. As for switching hobbies... I have a bit of a guitar problem. Vintage bmx is a cheaper hobby, maybe I should try to switch back.
  2. No problem. It’s on page 7 of the catalog. The one in the catalog is black, the bike was offered in several colors.
  3. 1988 was the first year the Vertigo was made. Until then, the Performer was the entry level GT, then they introduced the Vertigo. It was Vertigo, Performer, Pro Performer, Pro Freestyle Tour and the top of the line Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model. Vertigo had the same frame as the Performer, made in Taiwan I believe. Memory fades, but I think the front triangle is 4130 and rear stays are Hi-Ten. This is a sweet bike that is in incredible condition. Just looks a bit dirty. As for value, I honestly have no clue. I used to watch mid-late 80s GT freestyle prices like a hawk, but haven't for years. All I know is that this era has gone up a lot in recent years. I'd do a completed auction listing on ebay. Please do not part it out, that bike is a time capsule. Here's a 1988 GT catalog. https://issuu.com/pharv85/docs/gt_1988
  4. Joe Kid on a Stingray riding all thru the Soundgarden video.
  5. Send it to me. As a former professional art handler, I will evaluate your packing job. If I find it up to snuff, I'll let you know that it is safe to leave all of the other bikes in their boxes for long term storage. If the pack job does not pass, I will ask you to unpack the other bikes immediately, and I will hold on to the GT to make sure it is never improperly packed again. Actually, either way I'll hold on to the bike, because awesome bikes do not belong in boxes!
  6. That bike is all kinds of rad! I'd be super stoked to come across something like that. The Hank and Frank decal is like the sprinkles on top of the icing on top of the cake! Lucky squirrel!
  7. One of my all time favorite bmx shots. I've got a shirt with a line drawing of this image on it.
  8. Rad! This sounds great. Usually it's impossible to decipher tone in online discussions, but this post sounds like it was made by a happy and relaxed person. I know when I made the big move from NYC to Des Moines, my whole outlook changed. Things were really put in perspective when spring broke and I walked out my back door and stopped for a little bunny running across my stoop, in Brooklyn that was always a rat. Super stoked for you! Looks like you've got some good new riding spots too.
  9. The Iron Sheik and Nicolai Volkoff.
  10. The first figure is a vintage motorcycle action figure, I had him as a kid. Can't remember what bike he had, I feel like it was green? Repackaged in a new card obviously here. Those little hand painted bmx dudes are nice. The perfectionist and painter in me thinks maybe the maker should have made some decals for those logos though. Cylons. Reminds me of some of the Sucklord figures. Okay, I feel like I'm hating a bit now. Honestly though, I want to steal this rad idea and do my own. Those figures have to be about the same scale as those replica bmx bikes that were the rage a couple years back. Combo packs!
  11. Wow, that's interesting! We got a FIT Twenty Two in at our shop recently. It's incredible. I long ago kind of swore off 20" bikes, it's been cruisers only for me for quite a while. I built a Sunday 24 and test rode it, it was fun, then immediately after built and rode the Twenty Two. It was amazing, way more comfortable than even the 24. I can't quite explain it, but that thing just feels great. It's stretched out in all the right spots, they really nailed it. Almost makes me want to get a 22.
  12. Very real news. Prices on all kinds of bike parts have gone up. I believe it was the head of Giant that said as soon as the tariff talk started, they started looking for other countries to move their factories to. From what I have heard, most of the big companies have already made their move and are either on their way out or about to be completely out of China. We had to wait on a special order Diamondback mtb because mid-year Diamondback relocated their factory out of China. Let's start a trade war with China. As good an idea as dropping a nuke into a hurricane. Buying Greenland. Every other dumb thing he's tried and failed miserably at.
  13. Great pic. Reminds me of the time I was attempting something similar in my basement. My head hit the ceiling pretty hard. That’s not even the punch line, I was 39 years old at the time! Doh!
  14. I know this is nitpicking and beside the point but wouldn’t NOS, fake or not, have been painted? Pretty sure SE wasn’t selling raw frames to anybody, so a raw New Old Stock listing should be a huge red flag for anyone. Totally beside the point I know, but that’s what stuck out to me.
  15. Thanks Steve! If you’re ever in Des Moines I’d love to take you for a spin on one. Avatar fixed!
  16. A$AP Ferg and his signature Redline.
  17. A few months ago I was talking with Kerry and he asked if I knew of a good place to sell his Firemans Texas Cruzer 29er. I thought of a couple places, then came to my senses and said "sell it to me!" What I was going for is a retro BMX/Klunker single speed for hitting this really sweet section of downhill single track near me. That and something cool for cruising my little 5 mile loop in the evenings after the kids are in bed. I decided to mix it up a bit and combine some SE styling with the FM frame. It's kinda based on an OM to begin with. I was going for something between an OM Flyer, a Klunker mtb, with a Prodyne color combo. This thing is a blast. It tears up the single track like nobody's business. Also, it's a crazy wheelie machine. Frame: Firemans Texas Cruzer 29 Fork: S&M Pounding Beer Headset: Cane Creek 110 Stem: S&M Bars: S&M Husky 4spd Brake: Paul Seat post: Thomson Seat post clamp: S&M Seat: Brooks C17 carved Cranks, bottom bracket, spider, chainwheel: Profile Chainring bolts: Wolftooth Chain: KMC Hubs: Onyx Rims: Velocity Cliffhanger Tires: Felt (Duro) Retro Knobby Pedals: Crupi Pro Round (I've had these since 2005, they tore my shin open years ago so I've held onto them because of the giant scar they gave me) Last pic is the family shot. My old Firemans Texas Cruzer 26 (black with gold) that is now a 3 speed, my wife's Firemans 26 3 speed, and the new guy.
  18. $5000 bike with $2.00 seat guts, and on backwards as TrulyOdd pointed out. The ad copy is hilarious: Dior Homme has teamed up with French specialist BMX manufacturer Bogarde once again to create a limited run of ultra-luxe gold BMX bikes. This is the second collaboration between the French fashion label and Bogarde. The bike merges the technical skill of the cycle specialist with the Dior Homme aesthetic and references the house’s gold capsule collection. The gold BMX features an eye-catching shiny gold metal finish with supple calfskin detailing, while the Dior logo and Bee appear on the brakes and frame of the design. Dior Homme and Bogarde are dropping a run of 100 numbered bikes today, Friday, April 20. So if you’re in the market for an incredibly bougie, gold, limited edition bike, look no further than this collaborative BMX. Retail is set at $5,425. I find it impossible to believe they actually made 100 of these.
  19. 2017 Azusa XV 26" Made to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Azusa retro project, only 15 of these 26" frame sets were made, fabricated by Greg Melms. This one is serial number 007. F/F: 2017 Azusa XV 26 Bars: Bennett Stem: ESP Headset: Phil Wood Hubs: Onyx Rims: Velocity Cliffhanger Tires: GT LP-5 Bottom bracket and spindle: Profile Chainwheel: Profile Cranks: Hutch Aerospeed Pedals: Straitline AMP Chain: KMC X1 Post: Gary Turner Seat guts: Bennett Seat: Brooks C17 carved Grips: Oury DH Brake and lever: Paul
  20. Such a rad bike and what an amazing story! This bike is completely bananas on its own, but the back story makes it 10x more special. I totally get the not wanting to ask thing. My most prized worldly possession, after I paid the original owner for it, I mentioned that I’d thought of contacting him previously to see if he wanted to sell, to which his response was something along the lines of “haha, don’t ask, don’t get.”
  21. Cool stuff. I guess nobody cared about top tube length in the day? Seems like the only dimension people care about these days.
  22. This looks very interesting... Diggin into some research, I think I’ll try it. It’s amazing. Just get a plastic bin with a lid that will seal (so the stuff lasts longer) and a clean rag. Throw your parts in over night, wipe them off with the rag the next day (sometimes it only takes a few hours), and blow out any tubes/complicated bits with compressed air and you’re done. At the shop I work at I restore vintage Schwinns frequently, this stuff is the best. No elbow grease or tools besides a rag required. Also, totally environmentally friendly.
  23. Yes, new from new Hutch. They fit a Profile spindle and are in the shape of Aerospeeds, basically exactly what Kappa did a decade ago.
  24. It’s smooth as silk. Even assembly was smooth, it went together effortlessly. Those hubs are made by Onyx in Minnesota. I’m sure that front will need cleaning now and then. I’m hoping at high speed it starts sounding like a flute or something. I’ve been wanting to get a set of Onyx hubs for a few years now, never had a project worthy. A few years back a friend showed me his set he’s got on his S&M cruiser, they’re the smoothest hubs I’ve ever seen. Ever. No exaggeration, the rear hub spins as well and as long as any front hub, it makes no noise, I don’t think the pawls touch when it’s coasting. They’re insane, I always thought Campy were the smoothest, then my buddy showed me these. Seat is a Brooks C17 carved. Feels great and looks good.