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  1. As a cruiser guy myself, that is sweet!
  2. It's pronounced "Boggart", a shape-shifting creature that will assume the form of whatever most frightens the person who encounters it. In this case, crappy, cheap, knock off BMX trying to appear cool by pricing it out of the range of sensible people.
  3. Wow. Take a break from Internet sites and social media for a year and the whole world turns to shit.
  4. This is analysis and discussion is amazing. I keep thinking about that headset, and why it might exist. Did Linn answer that question to Mike or anyone else? If not, here's a thought: in 1975, when Linn made this to ship to Bob Phillips, Yamaha was marketing a bike with a suspension front fork that LOOKED like a motorcycle fork, but was really made to be a bicycle fork with properly-sized head tube and bearings. At the same time, Thom Lund, JP, and Billy Mac were all racing monoshocks and hacks with some version of a modified minicycle front fork. Did those bikes have the motorcycle-size head tubes for a direct swap, or did they have modified steerer tubes to fit the undersized bicycle head tubes? At any rate, was Linn simply experimenting with a frame that you could take and mount a stock minicycle fork without modification?
  5. Wow! Capturing the details of the history of a BMX artifact is what this site does best. Kudos to you all for keeping that flame alive!
  6. The photograph looks like it was not scanned, instead it looks photographed, maybe with a smart phone. You can acually see the rear wheel of the bike "bending" out of the plane. If I had to bet, the kids on the left are on a pretty flat plane to the lens of the camera, while the bottom right of the photo curls either toward, or away from, the camera. You can recreate some pretty spectacular distortions with just a little non-flatness when you photograph a document. I know this because a friend of mine found some old pictures of my brother and me and I photographed them because we didn't have access to a scanner and the pictures could not be made to lay flat. The distortion was amazing... I'll have to dig them up... Richard Vogt bmxmountainbiker
  7. Racer, Awesome old school photos, thanks for posting. Please refresh my memory: did you have a stash of photographs from your ride across the country and is there a thread where you posted those? Richard Vogt bmxmountainbiker
  8. Has it been that many years already? Sheesh! Time flies when you're having fun ;-)
  9. That tractor tire foreshadowed your future ;-)